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Good oral health should begin at birth and last a lifetime!

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     We love kids!  Our staff is very experienced in relating to children. We all have at least one child or come from homes that have lots of children!   

     We like to see children, with their parents, after their 1st birthday for a "fun" learning visit. We will give them a tour of the office so they will feel more comfortable during their visit.   

     During this visit we can:

bulletCarefully examine the development of their mouth.  This is important because dental problems often start early including crowding, appearance of calcium deposits or an abnormality in the number of teeth. We want to protect them against such conditions as baby bottle tooth decay, gum disease, prolonged thumb-sucking and teething problems.  
bulletCount their teeth and give them rides in the chair and explain everything we are going to do. 
bulletWe demonstrate the right way to care for your child's teeth by showing brushing techniques,
bulletWe would like them to meet us and feel comfortable coming to see us.  

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To make this visit safe and fun we have:                               

bulletA kid's corner with movies and toys
bulletDisposable toothbrushes if they forget to brush.  
bulletLots of fun giveaways
bulletToy box 
bulletCavity free club where they receive a special surprise
bulletDental care bags designed around their dental needs
bulletPeterson Park which is a grassy area equipped with children's picnic table.
bulletBooks, coloring books and magazines for kids
bulletFish to watch in our fish tank
bulletSugar free candy and gum      
bullet "Kid's Days".  These are days that correspond with the schedules of our local schools.  We know schools do not like children to miss classes for dental appointments.  So we have scheduled the days they have off as Kid's Day,  so your child can keep their dental appointments without missing any school. 
bulletWe offer them neat stickers to select from, a personalized certificate congratulating them on their visit, and a free prize as they leave.

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Dr. Peterson's kids imitating their dad.
Imitating a great dad.

 Here is what you can do to help make this first visit a great one:

bulletTalk to them about coming to our "fun" office.
bulletBuild excitement about coming.
bulletTeach them about how important it is to come to the "tooth counter" (dentist).
bulletHave them go with you and watch you while you have your appointment.
bulletBe patient with them and calm them if they are frightened and reassure them.
bulletIf your child is young, you can sit in the dental chair and hold your child in your lap.
bulletRead them a story about a trip to the dentist, Arthur and Berenstain Bears books have very good stories.
bulletPlay dentist with your child by taking turns looking into each other's mouths with flashlights.

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They should have their first visit a dentist by the age of one.

Explain to them what is going to happen:            Click here to learn more about your child's visit.

  1. Gentle comprehensive exam , when they are old enough, to look for tooth decay and tooth development.
  2. Necessary pictures (x-rays), for diagnostic purposes only
  3. Tooth polished (cleaned) and fluoride.
  4. Demonstration on how to care for their teeth, toothbrushing, flossing and fluoride use. 
  5. Healthy dental diet.
  6. Short (15-30 mins.) visits a couple of times a year to build trust
  7. A staff willing to answer all their questions :-)
  8. Explain to them that you will be with them at their appointment in order to provide them with security and comfort. Thus the person that brings the child to the office, signs the consent form, and completes the medical history, will be considered the person financially responsible for the account.  Parents are not to leave the office during their child's entire appointment in order to provide security for your child. One parent is allowed back with the child during treatment.
  9. Parents are completely involved with the decision-making process and treatment planning in order to determine if the dental work can be completed in office or under general anesthesia as an outpatient hospital procedure, which can be an effective way of completing dental care in only one visit while a child is unconscious.

    We will cover important preventive issues with you and them and set up good dental habits.  

We're going to the dentist. You may wonder what it's like. This story will show you what you will see and do while you are there.  This story is provided by the Canadian Dental Association.

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Kid Fun

Click here to learn why you should save baby teeth.
Click on "kid fun" to learn why you should save baby teeth.

Kids love to play at our office!


How to find a kid-friendly dentist and dental office

 Although more parents know about the importance of age-one dental visits, many parents may still wonder about what kind of dentist can provide care for their child.   Many general dentists treat children. Parents should seek out a dental office that provides a fun environment for children, so that they are excited about coming to the dentist's office.They provide entertainment-such as books, video games, television and movie access-for their patients.

To prepare the child for the visit, parents should ask the dentist about the procedures of the first appointment so there are no surprises. Plan a course of action for either reaction the child may exhibit-cooperative or non-cooperative. Very young children may be fussy and not sit still. Talk to the child about what to expect, and build excitement as well as understanding about the upcoming visit. Bring with to the appointment any records of the child's complete medical history.

Parents that feel their child is anxious about a dental visit, should ask their dentist if they will schedule a pre-visit. Many dentists use pre-visits to alleviate any fear or anxiety by acclimating them to the office environment. The dentist will walk the child around the office, show them the tools, allow them to sit in the chair and even demonstrate on a family member to help them become comfortable.

Most importantly, parents should make sure their child regularly visits a dentist, this will help them have better oral health for the rest of their lives."

How to keep your child from being anxious about the dentist
  •  Talk to the dentist about the best way to communicate about dental visits.
  •  Ask the dentist to take your child on a tour of the office and explain the equipment.
  •  Ask if the dentist will allow a relative to accompany the child in the treatment room.
  •  Avoid caffeine or sugary foods before a dental appointment.

    An article in the February 2005 issue of AGD Impact, the newsmagazine of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD),

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    Mom, it is dental anxiety

    The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between parents anxiety level and that of the child patient. This study concluded that " Management of the anxiety level of the mother may be needed in some cases, both to manage the child effectively and to break the cycle of dental care anxiety in families."
    [Folayan, M. O., Adekoya-Sofowora, C. A., D. Otuyemi, O. & Ufomata, D. Parental anxiety as a possible predisposing factor to child dental anxiety in patient. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 12 (4), 255-259]

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