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She is in her 50's and still going strong in swimming

 Linda Peterson, R.D.: Linda was born in Southern California. It is here that she received her Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from El Camino College in California. She went on to receive her B.A. in nutrition from San Diego State College in California. 

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She moved to Nebraska to complete her two- year internship and masters program in nutrition and family studies. In 1975 she became a registered dietitian.  She is a registered dietitian who has been in private practice and has worked throughout the Panhandle area as a Consultant Dietitian. She actively keeps updated in her fields of interest in nutrition.

We want to touch your lives with our care, concern and kindness.

 She has been a lay Christian counselor with American Association of Christian Counselors. She is also the office manager and resident wife and mother of four children.

 She enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, camping, nature, reading and she is now a certified lifeguard!  She is also the webmaster for this site and an amateur artist. 

Working includes late night hours

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The ocean was my best friend in childhood.

                                     Otters are #1

I swim through life

Swimmers Risk Stained Smiles, Chipped Teeth 

Competitive swimmers may be at risk for developing yellowish-brown or dark-brown stains on their teeth, reports the Academy of General Dentistry,  Athlete swimmers, who often swim laps more than six hours a week, expose their teeth to large amounts of chemically-treated water. Pool water contains chemical additives like antimicrobials, which gives the water a higher pH than saliva, causing salivary proteins to break down quickly and form organic deposits on swimmer's teeth. The result is swimmer's calculus hard, brown tartar deposits that appear predominantly on the front teeth. "It's a common cosmetic condition among swimmers," says J. Frank Collins, DDS, MAGD, spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry. Swimmers who notice the stains should talk to their dentist and perhaps increase their dental visits to three or four times a year. During the summer, swimming pool accidents are the number one cause of dental emergencies. "Swimming underwater and quickly coming to the surface causes some children to hit the hard ledge, loosening the front tooth,". Also, running on slippery, slick cement and ceramic pool surfaces sends many children headfirst into the ground, often causing chipped or displaced (loose) teeth. "Diving into shallow waters and hitting the bottom pushes the tooth up and can fracture the whole bone,"


Swimming Pool Water May cause Dental Erosion.  

Swimming frequently in pools that contain low-pH, gas chlorinated water can result in generalized erosion of teeth.  The most prominent erosion is usually on the buccal aspects of the teeth, with nearly complete loss of enamel on the maxillary incisors along with gum abnormalities.  So if you swim intensively this recommends you receive regular monitoring and fluoride treatment, and pool water should be monitored regularly to ensure proper pH.
Dental Abstracts, Sep/Oct 2001


Water brings refreshment to a busy life



For the love of water

  I LOVE Water!

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