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      The aim of treatment is to eliminate mucosal redness, ulceration, pain and sensitivity.  In cases of severe pain anesthetic agents may be mixed to provide lubrication and pain relief. Try these ideas:
bulletBenadryl elixir may be added in equal amounts to Maalox, Mylanta or Kaopectate for symptomatic relief.  A pharmacist can make up this mixture of Kaopectate and benadryl elixir,50-50, or use a mix of Kaopectate, benadryl elixir and lidocaine in equal proportions.
bulletSucralfate (Carafate), the prescription medication prepared as a 1 gm/15 ml suspension . 
bulletFamvir- 125mg bid for five days
bulletOral Balance
bullet K-Y Jelly
bulletAmlexanox oral paste 5% -Aphthasol to be applied after meals and at bedtime.
bulletAphthasol; swish 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day.
bulletDyclonine HCl 
bulletOra-5 from McHenry pharmaceuticals
bulletTopical lidocaine
bulletKamillosan to relieve inflammation.  This is a very potent
 anti-inflammatory mouth wash;  Mico, Inc. PO Box 1336 Roselyn Heights, NY 11577; Phone 516-484-1640; fax 516-484-6807. Order in Quantities of 10 Unit
; price $9.20;  Freight $4.50. Kamillosan Liquid-put the word "Kamillosan" into their search box to find this product.
Kamillosan Dosage: 10 Drops in 1 oz of water ;Use three times daily. 
bulletChlorhexidine to drop microbial count.
bulletMucositis sores are easy to eliminate with a laser at very low power. It takes seconds to laser and the pain disappears within 30 sec. Healing is very rapid.
bulletAny partial or full dentures should be removed before brushing
bullet Eat breakfast-Floss teeth-Brush teeth- Place tray with fluoride in
mouth for 5 minutes. 
bulletOne hour later-Rinse with Periogard (chlorhexidine) for at least 30
bulletOne hour later-Rinse with Kamillosan (mix 10 drops to 1 oz of water)
for at least 30 seconds.
bulletEat Lunch-Floss-Brush-Place tray with fluoride in mouth for 5 minutes.
bulletOne hour later-Rinse with Periogard.
bulletOne hour later-Rinse with Kamillosan
bulletEat Dinner-Floss, Brush -Rinse with Periogard
bulletOne hour later-Rinse with Kamillosan
bulletAt bedtime-Floss-Brush with Prevident 5000, expectorate but do not rinse out.
bulletCarry bottled water to drink often to rehydrate oral tissues.
bulletAt bedtime, soak partial denture in Periogard for at least 30 minutes and
then rinse with water. 
bulletRemove partial and full dentures while sleeping. Avoid scratchy and abrasive foods.
bullet Do not use toothpicks.
bulletRadiation patients should also take Salagen-5 mg twice a day. This
medication takes 12 weeks to work, but it helps 40% of patients to
stimulate salivary flow. If not contraindicated by their physician, the patient may use this medication. Salagen has been shown to have radio protective effect on the salivary glands.
bulletIn addition, copious amounts of water may be needed. as well as
supplementation with saliva substitutes i.e. optimoist spray or xeroluble.
bulletSugar free gustatory stimulants may also be utilized.
bulletThe teeth should be scaled and patients instructed in thorough oral hygiene .
bulletIt may be necessary to have teeth, fillings and dentures smoothed and polished. 
bullet Lesions need to be reviewed at regular intervals and lesions may occasionally require re-biopsy

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