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Aurelle™ Travel Toothbrush


The popular AURELLE™ Travel Brush features a refillable toothpaste tube concealed in the handle. This tube can be refilled easily and economically with any brand of toothpaste that is in a conventional toothpaste tube.  

Other features include:


The toothbrush head features soft, end rounded bristles to avoid damage to gums.


Convenient size, fits in pockets, purses or packs


Refill tube with your favorite toothpaste as needed.


Vented cover protects head.


Ergonomic design to comfortably fit your hand.


Replacement heads are available.


Orders include a range of 4 colors: blue, pink, clear, and purple.


Ergonomically designed handle for comfort when brushing.


$4.99 plus shipping and handling, to order

Toothpaste is stored in a removable tube in the handle of the toothbrush.

TOOB Brush

To fill, unscrew both ends.  Attach your toothpaste to the end the tube and fill the Toob tube with your favorite toothpaste.  Gently tap the toothpaste down into the tube until it is filled.  Screw the ends back on and your are ready for use.

The AURELLE™ Travel Brush is the official "away from home" toothbrush of the Girl Scouts of the USA, the Boy Scouts of Canada, many dental and orthodontic offices, many dental hygienists and thousands of men and women who appreciate a convenient way to brush their teeth after lunch wherever they may be.


To Order:

To order any of these products just call 1-308-436-3491.  

There will be a shipping and handling charge.  

All orders will be processed by credit card and sent out the day they are ordered

We are members of the Heartland Better Business Bureau

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