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Our rigid sterilization protocol for dental items 

We have two statims to make sure we can always sterilize our instruments.

     We use both sizes of the STATIM cassette autoclave™ which are state of the art sterilization technology for dental offices.  It has a unique steam under pressure system that expels 98% of the air in the sterilization process.  The absence of air helps achieve as close to hospital level sterilization as possible in an office.   

Statim for sterilizing

    We sterilize all our  handpiece instruments that can not be damaged by steam in these Statims.  All instruments and hand pieces  are prepackaged prior to sterilization and ONLY opened at chair side

Each tray and instruments are handscrubbed, ultrasonically cleaned, bagged and placed in our statims.

 The statim works in only six minutes where our normal autoclave took forty minutes for a cycle.  

     Our Statims are  biologically tested every week by an independent laboratory to ensure patient safety.


Hand Hygiene: The Efficacy of an Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer vs. an Antimicrobial Soap and Water

Because dental literature regarding the efficacy of alcohol-based gel, this study compared the effectiveness of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer versus an antiseptic hand soap for bacterial removal.

The alcohol-based gel was more effective in reducing bacterial counts than the antimicrobial soap after one application. It required four handwashings with the antimicrobial soap to be equally effective.

Author(s): Ann Lee ; Corrie Long ; Rebecca Phillips Source: Journal of Dental Hygiene      Volume: 78 Number: 4 Page: 17 Publisher: American Dental Hygienists' Association

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