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             List of dental products

Breath Rx Starter Kit Rota-Points Individualized Box
Breath Rx Xylitol Gum Sonicare Pro 
Automatic Toothbrush
EMT Tooth Saver Sonicare Replacement Brush Heads
Compact & Ultra Compact Heads
Flosser Replacement Tips 
by Waterpik
Dental ID safeguarding system for kids
Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Toob Brush
Oral B Sonic Complete S-320 Tooth Whitening
Oral B ProfessionalCare 7850 DLX VIROXYN     New
Single dose cold sore medication
Rota-Dent Replacement Brush Heads Whitening Strips Oral B
Rota-Points To Order           



A Prescription for Confidence
The BreathRx Starter Kit offers the total breath management solution


   . Regular price: $34.99pad

                 Sale price: $27.99       Not sold in stores!
Plus shipping and handling


 The BreathRx Starter Kit contains:


 BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste (4-oz tube)


 BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scraper (2 pak)


 BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray (2-oz bottle)


 BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse (8-fl. Oz).


 100% alcohol free!


 Product Weight: 3#

See: Breath Rx Starter Kit facts.

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Breath Rx Halispheres Gum with Xylitol

  Regular price: $35.99pad

                 Our Price:  $23.99 Plus shipping and handling

BreathRx Halispheres Clean Mint chewing gum provides:

 a burst of mint flavor that continues to work throughout the day to keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean. 


increase saliva flow to combat dry mouth.


cleans the mouth with ZYTEX, a powerful odor neutralizer, attacking bad breath where it starts.


sugar-free, sweetened with Xylitol which is proven to inhibit the growth of s.mutans, the primary organism found in tooth decay.


125 pieces (25 packs of 5 pieces).

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EMT Tooth Saver

EMT Toothsaver kit*   

                           Regular Price : $20.00

                    Our Price:  $15.99 a kit   
plus shipping and handling

EMT Tooth Saver Emergency Tooth Preserving System~. Keep a container of Hanks Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), which can be purchased by the trade name EMT Tooth Saver. This product will protect, nourish and revive knocked-out teeth and ensures successful reimplantation. EMT Tooth system is convenient and easy to use: open the container, peel off the tamper-proof seal, drop in the tooth, and close the lid tightly.

Learn more about: EMT Tooth Saver fact sheet.

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Regular Price: $6.99

Our Price:   $5.99  each plus shipping and handling    
              Flosser Tip Facts  

bulletSet contains 30 disposable flossing tips
bulletOriginal Waterpik electric flosser parts
bulletWill fit:  FL-100 and FL-310 Waterpik flossers

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   Regular Price: $6.99

                     Our Price: $5.50 plus shipping and handling


bullet Hummingbird power flosser
bullet Battery already in handle of flosser
bullet Three Y shaped flosser heads
bullet Five mint flavored flexible pick

Hummingbird Flosser fact sheet

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Oral B Sonic Complete S-320


Regular Price: $119.00

Our Price: $84.95
bullet One electric toothbrush handle with ergonomic non-slip grip and recharge indicator light.
bullet Memory timer, 2 minutes total, the recommended brushing time.
bullet Pressure sensor.
bullet Three speed options: Clean, for removing plaque, Soft, for treatment of soft tissues in the mouth, and Massage, to gently massage your gums.
bullet Two CrissCross bristle toothbrush heads.
bullet One charger base, with space for four toothbrush heads and a wall mount option w/screws.
bullet Travel Case.
bullet Owner's booklet.
bullet Two year warranty.
bullet Braun's "no questions asked" full refund.
bullet The freedom to use the toothpaste of your choice. (Gels are preferred, due to foaming action).
bullet Charging can last up to 12 days, making it great for travel.
bullet $10 Rebate is valid in the US and Canada through December 31, 2005.  Limit one per name and/or address.

Fact Sheet on benefits of Oral B Sonic Toothbrush

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Oral B ProfessionalCare 7850 DLX
                 Pulsating Electric Power Toothbrush

Regular price: $115.99

                                 Our price: $89.95

Unique 3D Excel Brushing Action


bulletUltimate Plaque removal
bulletHelps prevent and reverse gum disease
bulletNaturally whiten teeth
bulletChange indication light
bulletDynamic blue color
bulletExtra brushheads
bulletStorage charger holds up to four brushheads
bulletKit includes:
bulletTwo power heads
bullet2 Flexisoft brushheads
bullet2 ExtraSoft heads
bullet2 Power tips brush heads
bulletNon slip control grip for precision handling
bulletFree Travel Case ($8.95 value)

For more information for the benefits and use of the ProfessionalCare 7850 please see:
Oral B ProfessionalCare 7850 Fact Sheet.

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Rota-Dent Replacement Brush 
                        Head Tips

 Rota-dent replacement brush head tips   Regular Price: $17.99

       Our Price: $12.99 for each brush tip plus shipping and handling

          Hollow tip- (shown above) used to apply medications.

           Short pointed tip- used to clean between teeth, around
                                           gum tissue, crown, bridges, braces, implants.

                                                                               Brush easily between teeth

           Long tip for cleaning crown and bridge work.

                              Rota-Dent Brush Tips Fact Sheet

When you call please state which brush head tip you desire: Hollow tip, Short pointed tip or both.

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 ROTA-POINTS Interdental Cleaners

20 points in a box

Use the Intra Dental Rota Points, they do not break off between your teeth or wedge in gum tissue like toothpicks.


Regular price: $3.49

Our Price: $1.00
          box/20 points in each box 
plus shipping and handling  

Clinical Benefits

bulletCleans in difficult-to-floss areas, such as
between bridges and porcelain crowns.
bulletEffectively massages and stimulates the gums.
bulletExcellent self-diagnostic tool for determining
bleeding point

Durable long lasting.

Interdental cleaners fact sheet.

Learn more about flossing and preventive oral health.

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SONICARE  Automatic Toothbrush
The American Dental Association and the American Hygiene Association recommend the use of electric toothbrushes for better oral hygiene care.              

                           $76.00 plus shipping and handling    
                 Sonicare Kit Facts 

               Sonicare Price Comparison Chart

Sonicare Kit Includes:


Power handle


Exclusive Quadpacer  Interval Timer (30 seconds)


Smart Timer (2 min Brush Timer that beeps after 30 secs)


2 Compact Brush Head


Charger Base


Owners Manual


2 Year Guarantee


Free travel bag


Clinically proven to remove over 80% of coffee, tea and tobacco stains

Learn more about brushing and automatic toothbrushes.

When you call please state if you want the Sonicare Kit with the:
    Ultra Compact brush heads :

40% smaller than compact size brush head


Longer reach for better access to back teeth

   Compact Brush Heads:

20% smaller than the standard size brush head


8 row brush head allows easy access into tight spots

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Click here to learn more about Sonicare Ultra Compact and Compact Relacement Heads
Regular Price: $12.99                                     

                          Our Price: $12.49 each plus shipping and handling    

Sonicare brush head replacement facts.

When you call please state if you want the:
    Ultra Compact brush heads :

40% smaller than compact size brush head


Longer reach for better access to back teeth

   Compact Brush Heads:

20% smaller than the standard size brush head


8 row brush head allows easy access into tight spots

Learn more automatic toothbrushes.

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Toothprints Dental ID for Safeguarding Children!

         Regular Price: $7.79           

                     Our Price:   $3.00  Free shipping

          Each kit contains thermosplastic wafer that you soften in hot water.  
          Your child bites the wafer for 50 seconds; cool 2-3 minutes and seal in plastic bag provided in the kit.  

                              This process provides three ways to identify your child: 

                                 1.  DNA in saliva sample
                                 2.  Bite identification that is unique to each person
                                 3.  Scent identification

          To learn more: Toothprints

   Click here to see a video presentation about toothprints:  

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A Great Travel toothbrush that has your tube of toothpaste stored in the handle.

There is a "toob" in the
handle to store your toothpaste.

Regular Price: $5.99                           

Our Price: $4.99 plus shipping and handling

Toob Brush Fact Sheet

Travel Brush features a refillable toothpaste tube concealed in the handle. This tube can be refilled easily and economically with any brand of toothpaste that is in a conventional toothpaste tube.

bulletSlim compact design for pocket or handbag
bulletSoft, rounded bristles
bulletReplaceable brush head
bulletProtective case guarantees brush head is always clean and fresh
bulletQuick and easy to fill

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Tooth WhiteningWhiten Your Teeth In The Comfort Of Your Home.


$199  00Upper Arch 
Are you a candidate?

Is the color of your teeth aging?
Try professionally whitening them at home!

Learn more about whitening and whitening facts.

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VIROXYN Single Dose Cold Sore Medication

Viroxyn Direct, fast, convenient cold sore relief

Single dose cold sore medication now available through our dental store     Regular Price: $38.95

    Our Price: $35.00
                                                        plus shipping & handling.

Viroxyn can be used at the first sign of an outbreak. This will offer 
the best chance of preventing the formation of the sore."

Viroxyn is a single dose, single application medicine. It is packaged
in a safe, clean dispenser that is small enough to be carried in a 
purse or pocket. The treatment has proven effective
It stops the pain in minutes. 
Viroxyn acts as a direct germicidal to strip the lipid coat from 
the virus."

If you suffer from the pain and embarrassment of cold sores 
try Viroxyn.

Facts about Viroxyn

We process each order personally!

Orders are shipped within 24 hours


          Noticeable whitening in 5 days. Just use once a day. Easy, no mess.


bulletSoft, Flexible, Strips fit to the curves of your teeth. Cover more teeth than the leading strip.
bulletApply 1 UPPER and 1 LOWER strip.
bulletWear strips for 30 minutes.
bulletFor even more whitening use for 7 days.
bulletEnamel-safe formula.
bulletStore in a cool, dry place.

To learn more about Oral B Whitening Strips click here: Facts about Oral B Whitening Strips.

~We have no financial interest in any of these products or companies 

We are members of the Heartland Better Business Bureau.

To Order:

To order any of these products just call 1-308-436-3491.  

There will be a shipping and handling charge.  

All orders will be processed by credit card and sent out the day they are ordered

Whitening can only be done through our office.

We do not have a money back guarantee if the product has been used.  However, if you receive the product and you decide you do not want it, and it is unused, you may send it back to us and we will refund the cost of the product.

March 31, 2005

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