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An attractive smile is an important social asset.

Learn more about the Human Face.  There is a allot of material on the Golden Proportion,  wonderful links, and a terrific analysis of Dr. Stephen Marquardt's work on the Beauty Mask.

Smile Lift:

You need to look at face shape to determine the shape of your smile.  As we age the muscles in our face start to lose tone.  If your dentist builds out the side teeth, you will be able to  support the cheeks and bring back muscle tension which plumps up the cheeks and the lips to make your face appear younger.  

The upper lip falls and thins with age and gravity.  Your dentist can build up the front teeth to force the upper lip back out, making it appear full.  If the front teeth are worn down , they will need to be lengthen in order to push out the lower lip.

An attractive smile attracts smiles

Another way to have a smile lift is with laser surgery.  This procedure removes a part of the gums that have grown over the teeth with age.

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Physical Therapy for your smile*:
bulletA light smile sort of a half smile. Do this for one minute three to five times a day with your teeth separated. This exercise develops the facial muscles The result is a more attractive pleasing face. 
bulletPursing the lips as in kissing. Ten times a day. As often as you like as long as you like. This develops the lip muscle and reduces sagging in the front face
bulletWork at keeping your teeth separated. Biting or clenching only makes your cheeks look fatter. 
bulletFor photos: separate the teeth and smile so that your lower lips touches the incisal edges of your upper teeth.

*Courtesy of Dr. Starkey


Check out the Guess Who's Smile This Belongs too.

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