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EMT Tooth Saver Purpose  
Reimplant Tooth


     It can happen anytime, anywhere.  A running child falls face first onto the sidewalk, a swimmer hits the bottom of a pool, a child collides head-to-head on the playing field or a baseball bat swings into a playerís front teeth.  As school nurse, health professional or parent what would you do first?  Who would you call?  Can the knocked-out tooth be saved?

   Statistics reveal that nearly 5 million teeth will be accidentally knocked out (avulsed) this year, and this could happen at your school, home or sporting event.

Emergency system for knocked out teeth

  The length of time before a tooth is reimplanted and how it is transported to the dentist are crucial in successfully saving and reimplanting the tooth.   

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     We have provided many schools in our community with Save-A-Tooth Emergency Tooth Preserving System~.  This product and EMT Tooth Saver will protect, nourish and revive knocked-out teeth and ensures successful reimplantation by us or your dentist up to 90% of the time.  And itís simple to use in an emergency.

     Keep a container of Hanks Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), which can be purchased by the trade name 3M Save-a-Tooth or EMT Tooth Saver. This tooth saving system contains a rejuvenating fluid in a small, sterile cup that nourishes and revives the cells of a knocked-out tooth and protects the  knocked out tooth from the two primary causes of replanted tooth loss:

  1.  tooth cell crushing 

  2.  tooth cell dehydration

until we can reimplant it.  A scientifically engineered plastic net inside the cup holds the tooth suspended in preserving fluid and protects delicate tooth tissues from being crushed and reconstitutes tooth cells.

     Save-A-Tooth is recommended by dentists, Clinical Research Associates, and the Emergency Research Council Institute. It has been evaluated by leading independent dental and medical product testing laboratories. Save-A-Tooth follows the American Dental Association recommended guidelines for tooth preserving and emergency storage. It is the only patented tooth preservation system approved by the American Dental Association,

     For further information (Emergency Dental Tips) on preventing playground-related mouth injuries please read the materials we have furnished at this site to help you provide the best possible dental health care for students or family.  We care about children!

      You may purchase this kit through Smart Practice. 

EMT Toothsaver kit

EMT ToothSaver(TM) helps protect a knocked-out tooth from cell damage and dehydration. By suspending it in a pH-balanced cell culture fluid a tooth can be safely stored up to 24 hours until replantation. This allows other more serious injuries to be treated first and expands the window of time to perform the preferred option - 
saving the natural tooth.


      Visit our community service area to see how we used these kits to help the children in our area schools and camp.

      Picture guide of how to reimplant a EMT Tooth Saver tooth: emergency routine. 

Read about current tooth injury loss in children

Sports tooth injury guide.

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To learn more about Dental Emergencies

~We have NO financial interest in this company.


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February 06, 2008

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