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Plaque Control Instrument 

Rota-dent Perio Tool

    Your Rota-dent is an automatic perio tool that can:


 Be used  to clean and polish your teeth.


 Be used to clean between your teeth


 Be used to apply professional strength fluoride and Periogard

Attack Plaque Bacteria with Professional Homecare and Dental Visits

Plaque bacteria threatens your teeth, gums, dental work; possibly even your life.  Attack plaque bacteria with the Rota-dent ™Professional Homecare Instrument.  Professional journals make these statements about Rota-dent:

Removes plaque bacteria as well as brushing and flossing.  Journal of Periodontology


Removes plaque twice as fast as a manual brush.  Swedish Dental Journal.


Cleans the surface between teeth better than many other power toothbrushes.  Journal of Clinical Dentistry.


Harvard School of Dental Medicine: "Rota-dent was better when used alone as compared with a combination of manual techniques for the control of stain."


University of California, San Francisco: "Rota-dent is equally effective for plaque removal, control of gingival inflammation and pathogenic bacteria as a combination of conventional soft toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpicks for patients in periodontal maintenance."


Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden: "Rota-dent removes plaque in less time than manual brush.

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Only the Rota-dent® has patented microfilament brush tips designed to reach underneath the gum line and in-between the teeth.

Clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria beyond the brush tip in Periodontal Pockets...where it counts!

REMOVES PLAQUE twice as fast as a manual brush. Reduces 92% of Plaque in just one minute.

CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce gingivitis & decalcification during orthodontic treatment


Using Your Rota-dent~

Things to Remember When Using Your Rota-dent:

bulletDo not “scrub” with the brush head. Let the rotary action of the instrument do the work. Because of the patented manufacturing technology of its brush tips, the Rota-dent cleans more effectively with less pressure. It is designed to be used with considerably less pressure than manual toothbrushes and even less pressure than other powered toothbrushes. 
bulletThe Rota-dent cleans well with or without toothpaste. To prolong the life of the brush head, use a gel, rather than a cream toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to the brush head and place it in your mouth before you turn it on.

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Cleaning Specific Areas with Rota-dent Patented Brush Tips

A single or a combination of heads will effectively clean all areas. You will be instructed in the use of the different brush heads in your kit.

  1. The Hollow Cup Brush Head

    This head cleans below the gum line, between the teeth, removes stain, and polishes your teeth. It is highly effective for cleaning dental implant posts and around a single teeth where removable partials attach.
  2. The Short Pointed Tip Brush Head

    This head is ideal for patients with braces, removable bridges, crowded teeth and implants. It cleans below the gum line and between the teeth.
  3. The Elongated Tip Brush Head (Available for special cases:)

    This head is especially useful in cases where large spaces occur between teeth, when roots are exposed, under fixed bridges, in certain areas around braces, and where extreme periodontal conditions exist.

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Right Angle for Effective Cleaning

bulletHold your Rota-dent so that the brush tip meets the gum line and the tooth surfaces at a 90 degree angle. This most effectively cleans the tooth surface above and below the gum line. 
bulletMove the Rota-dent along the gumline SLOWLY, letting it touch all tooth surfaces at the gum line.

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Ideal for Cleaning Orthodontic Braces

The pointed brush heads may be used for cleaning teeth that have braces attached to them. In this case, it is not always possible to hold your Rota-dent at a 90 degree angle. However, hold it at that angle whenever possible. Be sure to clean the wires and brackets adequately as plaque builds on them as well as teeth and gums.

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The Tingling Sensation

Some individuals may experience a mild “tingling” sensation when first using the Rota-dent. This results from stimulation of tissue in areas that have not been consistently cleaned. With continued use, this will cease after several days. 

Do not be overly concerned if some mild bleeding occurs at first. With continued use and professional care, bleeding will cease as gums become healthy.

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When to Change Brush Heads

The brush head is worn out and should be replaced when it stops or stalls, when brush tip is splayed or when brush makes a strange noise with brush head attached.

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To Attach Brush Head

Note: Never force Brush Head onto Power Handle

  1. Firmly hold Rota-dent power handle in one hand.
  2. Grasp the brush head with two fingers and, while keeping the unit straight, line up the hole in the neck with the male connector node on the power handle.
  3. Push the brush head onto the power handle.

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To Remove Brush Head

Note: Never remove brush head AT AN ANGLE.

  1. Firmly hold the Rota-dent power handle in one hand.
  2. While keeping the unit straight, grasp the brush head with two fingers, then pull the brush head away from the power handle.
  3. Make sure the head is thoroughly cleaned under running water and blotted dry after each use.

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    We will provide the replacement heads in our office.  The company has informed us that this gives the patient the best method of follow-up on the product and education on its use.  

    The company has made it more economical for the patient to buy the replacement head through the dentist office.   There are two kinds

  1. Rota-Dent Hollow Cup Replacement Head
  2. Rota-Dent Short Tip Replacement Head

Your dentist will the most qualified to inform you which head works best for you.  This allows the doctor and staff to individualize your dental and oral health education.

Rota-dent Use

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Individuals using a rotary powered toothbrush are more apt to continue daily disease control and feel better about themselves and keep recall visits to keep and improve dental health care.

*Ten year Retrospective Observations of Impact of Rotary Powered Brush vs. Manual techniques in Periodontal Maintenance, Dr. Bader, Compendium, Vol. 25 25, No. 6 pages 457-468 June 2004.

~We have NO financial interest in this company.

For warranty service, please call Rota-dent Customer Service at 1-800-752-2564 
Rota-Dent Customer Service
P.O. Box 3889 Batesville, AR 72503

February 06, 2008

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