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    Once you have received final treatment we will followup your restoration work :
  1. To check that all excess cement has been removed
  2. To check that all margins are smooth 
  3. To check that all areas between the teeth are easily reached by floss.
  4. To make sure the the gum tissue has properly healed.
  5. To evaluate for site specific home care instruction.
  6. To have a rough area smoothed.
  7. To check for any sensitivity .
  8. Final pictures by the intraoral camera for baseline information so you can see and understand the need to floss and brush.

     It is important to receive good home care instruction to ensure proper brushing technique is done in order to avoid tissue damage, recession or root surface abrasion. 

It takes teamwork, good followup care from our staff and good home care from you .

      Here are some tips to help you keep your restoration in good care:

bulletUse a non abrasive toothpaste that is formulated to use on fine restorations. Try original formula Crest or Colgate.+
bulletAvoid toothpaste with "whitening" or "extra whitening. These toothpaste are often very abrasive.  
bulletFlossing is important to remove debris and stains between teeth.  Before going to bed is the best time to floss.
bulletA site specific instrument like the Rota-dent is best to clean this area.  
bulletSince you have esthetic restoration you need to be cautioned about the potential of sonic devices which could cause loosening of cement or bonded materials.  The vibrations effect of a sonic brush can decrease tactile sense leading to less likely to achieve proper bristle placement and feel to eliminate plaque around restoration margins
bulletIf you use a sonic brush you are encouraged to use disclosing tables to make certain you have not missed any plaque.
bulletDaily fluoride supplementation of 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride is advisable to help prevent recurrent decay at margins and in maintaining tissue health.   
bulletRegular recare appointments to have professionally applied fluoride treatment along with ongoing patient education.  
bulletLimit breath mints, hard candies and throat lozenges to avoid long term sugar exposure which could decrease the life expectancy  of your restoration or try sugar free mints and candies.  
bulletAlcohol rinses may affect the longevity of a restoration. Alcohol is a solvent of  resin/resin cements/bonding agents. The result is softening of the composite matrix; which may increase our ability to abrade the resin material, making it rougher and more prone to staining and early breakdown. We recommend  switching to alcohol free rinse and mouth spray alternatives. 

+Contemporary Esthetics and Restorative Practice, Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Patients Home Care; Dr. Radz; Feb. 2002 pg 86-89.

February 06, 2008

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