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Constant pressure from chewing, grinding or daily wear may cause a filling to wear away, crack, chip or fall out. 

Fillings wear out and need to be replaced


The average lifespan of a silver filling is 5-15 years and half this time for white fillings.


Fillings can be worn around the edges or may have pulled away from the tooth enamel.  This process (called leaking) allows bacteria to enter and cause decay around the margins (edges) of the filling.  Once this bacteria is inside the tooth it can not be removed so decay begins.  Often, this damage is not seen because there are no symptoms until this decay reaches the nerve of the tooth.

Replace old fillings is an investment in health

Recurrent decay may be present and if not treated will reach the nerve of the tooth causing  severe decay and pain.  If the tooth is not kept clean and well cared for it can develop another cavity.


Worn fillings need to be restored as soon as possible before decay begins or spreads though out the tooth.


Cracks can develop from the biting and chewing forces.  A bite has hundreds of pounds of pressure!  Chewing on hard foods such as hard objects can cause microscopic cracks which can develop into cracked tooth syndrome


The appearance of these fillings when you smile or talk may motivate you to replace them with white fillings to improve the esthetic appearance of your smile.


Chipped tooth or surfaces of a fillings may allow decay to develop.


Large amalgam fillings like this one need to be crowned to protect the tooth from fractures and/or breakage:

This large filling needs to be crowned to prevent fractures.

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February 06, 2008

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