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Toothaches and abcessed teeth can cause your child to be in alot of needless pain

    A deep cavity in your child's baby tooth may go into the nerve or pulp of the tooth.  In this case, a pulpotomy is recommended to save the tooth.  

     A pulpotomy of a baby tooth is similar to a root canal treatment of an adult tooth. It removes all the coronal pulp tissue from the chamber of the tooth. It prevents:


Unnecessary loss of teeth.  


Your child's baby teeth are important to save in order to maintain the space for their adult teeth. 

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      If the tooth is pulled than the space needed for the adult tooth will be lost leading to crowding and future need of braces.

     Pulpotomy is recommended when decay has extended deep into the tooth reaching the tooth's nerve possibility causing an abscess or the tooth has fractured exposing the nerve. 

     During this procedure only the infected tissue in the tooth is removed. A medicated filling is placed inside the tooth and a filling is used to restore your child's tooth.  

     We recommend that this tooth than be protected with a crown so it does not fracture saving your child from more unnecessary pain and tooth loss. 

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    The success of the pulpotomy depends on the severity of the infection and the body's own immune system.  

     If the pulpotomy fails an extraction (removal) of the tooth will be recommended  This is only done when every other avenue to save the tooth has been tried.  The space left after the extraction will need to be saved to help a permanent tooth come in.  A space maintainer appliance will be recommended to save this space.

Stainless Steel Crown       NuSmile Natural Crowns      Pulpotomy Home Care

 Your child trusts you to provide them with the best dental care for their condition

February 06, 2008

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