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Before treatment tips:

Tooth Whitening Video

bulletWhiten teeth at least two weeks before receiving cosmetic restorations in  order for the lighter color to match your new crowns, veneers or composite fillings.
bulletAll teeth are to be free of decay, calculus and extrinsic stains.
bulletAll restorations are to be intact and well-sealed.
bulletTemporary restorations may turn red during the bleaching process.
bulletTell your dentist if you are allergic to flavoring, color additives, etc.
bulletHave a dental cleaning (prophylaxis) prior to bleaching to remove extrinsic stains, plaque or calculus.

Try these tips BEFORE you whiten your teeth

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bulletBe aware that crowns and other tooth-colored restoration may not whiten and may need to be replaced following the whitening treatment.
bullet Smokers should stop smoking before having their teeth bleached. The smoking not only defeats the effect of whitening but there is concern about the mixture of hydrogen peroxide with smoking causing serious tissue damage. 
bullet If you have trouble eating ice cream or drinking cold drinks you may have a sensitivity response to this treatment.
bulletBrush you teeth twice a day with a desensitizing toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to decrease tooth sensitivity while you whiten.
bulletMake sure any gum tissue cuts or scratches are healed.
bulletKnow what kind of whitening ingredients are in your whitening product.  Carbamide peroxide have a long shelf life so you can buy this product for at home whitening.  It can stay in the tray for as long as four hours a day and works best with overnight wearHydrogen peroxides can be worn for just one hour, this is what is used in the in office whitening procedure.#
bulletBecause a tooth is translucent, and because of light reflection the same tooth can look a different color under a different light. This is why is is difficult to tell patients exactly how many shade changes they may reach with the whitening procedure.  Teeth all respond differently.  But remember this general rule to match the whites of your eyes for the most natural look. 
bulletIf you have white spots prior to starting treatment you may experience more noticeable spotting during the process; however, 1-2 weeks after treatment, this spotting will be comparable to pre-treatment in color, only your teeth will be lighter.
bulletWear lipsticks that contain blue pigments to enhance your newly whiten teeth.
bulletIt is professionally recommended that professional bleaching be avoided until you are at least 14 and your teeth are fully, formed.

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February 06, 2008

Source: Discus Dental.  We have no financial investment in this company.
#Nightguard Vital Bleaching; Dr. Haywood; Dental Products Report pg 82-86,96; Oct 2002.

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