Living Room Welcome

Greetings! Here you are warmly welcomed by our friendly staff. Our "living room" is equipped with television and reading materials for all ages. We have continuous running patient education programs and mood music.  

There are special movies and a play area for children. You may view and read about our special dental care products to help you maintain good dental health and along with photo albums about our community service and our office.

Beverage Bar

This area has your choice of a variety of cold and hot beverages from our complimentary area.

Dental figurines

Kids love to view our display of dental figures that Dr. Peterson has been given or collected over the last three decades of providing dental care for families.


Greeting area

Here you will be greeted with a friendly, warm smile and provided with a gentle caring attitude.

Kids Corner

This area is set aside just for your children to help them enjoy their time at our office and to provide them a play area to enhance their visit.

Tropical Ocean Room

Here you will see and hear the sounds of the ocean. You can view different videos about the ocean and the creatures that live there. We offer the gentler approach through the use of special equipment. We have a panorex x-ray, in room music, computers in each room, imaging program, nitrous, specialized handpieces, neck pillows and chair cushions. A special "memory cushion" is used to increase your comfort level while receiving treatment.

Meadows Room

We hope you will feel comfortable enough to choose the treatment room that suits your needs. This room provides the sights and sound of a visit to a meadow.All of our treatment rooms are computerized for quick and efficient patient care. We have "memory" neck pillows to make your stay more comfortable. "Theme" blankets are also available for your comfort.

Sports Room

This room is all about a varity of sports. It is a favorite with our teen and men. Each of our treatment rooms are set up for efficient, comfortable, gentle service and infection control.

Space Room

View the stars and planets than ask Dr. Peterson about the planet that he has named after him!

Patient Gifts

This is our care area where patients can " touch up" before they return to the reception area. This mirrored area allows them to check their appearance after treatment is completed. Our Avon sampler basket is available to choose a variety of products for women and men alike.  

In the mirror you can see our staff information board that shows pictures of each staff member and their family.

Lab Area

Our in-house lab allows us to perform some of our lab work here at the office to speed up delivery of services to our patients.

Consultation "Tractor" Room

This is where you will meet personally with Dr. Peterson and his staff where we can learn more about your needs and wants and you can get to know us.

Sterilizing Room

Infection control is extremely important at our office.