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Your Mouth is a Portal to Your Body

More than 90% of all systemic diseases have oral manifestations!
"Every $1 spent on dental care can save $20 in medical care"*

Allergies Amalgam Safety Arthritis
Asthma and Dental Health Athletes & Decay Anxiety Dental
Babies & Children Dental Index
Bad Breath Bipolar & Dental Health
Bisphosphonates and Oral Health Blood Pressure  Burning Mouth
Chewing Gum   Canker Sores
Cold Sores


Crohn's Disease & Oral
 Health Care
Cracked Tooth Syndrome   


Decay (Tooth)  Process Dental Anxiety Dental Health Tips for Fishermen & Hunters 
Dental Fun and Games   Dental News
Dental Identification System Dental Store


DDS Weight Loss System 
Depression & Dental Health Developmental Disabled
Practical Oral Care
Diabetes Subject Index
Drug Use and Oral Clues Dry Mouth Index
Dry Socket
Flossing Fun Dental Facts Gag-Free Visit
Grinding /Clenching Teeth Gum Disease Gum Tissue 
Color Change 
Headache Hope
Heart Link To Oral Health Hemophilia Dental Care
Invisible Braces
Invisalign Express
  Infection Control
Jewelry Tooth Kidney Disease & Oral Care Latex Allergy
Medications & Dental Health Memory Affected by Dental Health Men's Oral Health Index
  Military Oral Fitness  
Middle Age Smiles Mouthrinses Natural Herbal Dental Remedies
Nutrition Topics Index Older Adult Subject Index
Oral Facial Pain
Oral Cancer Index Oral Health Links to Health Oral Piercing

We believe patient education is a key component to good dental health


Featured Topic of the Month: Athletes and Decay

Preventive strategies are the very best at helping you avoid pain, emergencies, and unexpected catastrophic expenses.

Pain Control Pop and Decay Premedication Index
Prevention Topics Index Proxy Brush Protect Your Teeth
  Oral Health in Renal Disease  
Rubber Dam Schizophrenia & Dental Health Sensitivity
Sex and Dental Health Sinus Headaches and Dental Health Smokers Dental Guide
Stress & Your Teeth
Stroke & Dental Health
Sugar & Dental Health 
Teen Dental Health Tips Dental Thyroid Dental Health Connection
  Toothbrush, Paste and Dental Tools Index  
Toothprints Ulcers &Dental Infections US Dental Report Card
Water Whitening Index Why Save Teeth?
Women's Health Index Xylitol Gum X-Ray Safety

Please click on any of the subjects to learn more about the topic.  Many of these subjects expand to other topics of interest. To learn about specific dental procedures click here: Dental Procedures.

"We have come to recognize that the mouth is a mirror of the body."

"It is a sentinel of disease, and it is critical to overall health and well-being".

"Oral health and general health are inseparable."

Said Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, PhD.*

     The first surgeon report to ever report on America's oral health was  released May, 2000. This report stated : 

"To ignore oral health problems can lead to needless pain and suffering, complications that can devastate well-being and financial and social costs that significantly diminish quality of life and burden American society". 

  * Dental Reports, Nov. 2000.

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