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                      PASTORAL LETTER

Dear Pastor,

    This dental practice is dedicated to honoring and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  One way that we wish to serve Him is to offer to meet the dental needs of those who are in the full-time ministry for our Lord.

     We have established a category of patient accounts called a "Pastoral Account".  This account is offered to you and any of your children under the age of 18 who are living within your household.  We want you and your family to be able to select your needed dental care with the same counseling and recommendations provided to all our patients.  However, your account will be handled differently.  

     We will give pastors a 15 % discount on dental services.  Also upon your request we will donate 10% of your payment to one of the following ministries of your choice: Focus On The Family, Back To The Bible, Camp Rock, KCMI, Community Christian School or KLOVE.

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     There is one exception to the above policy. That exception is if you fill for dental insurance.  We will freely complete all insurance claims for you.   However we are bound by contractual law to have you pay your co-pay and deductible at the time services are rendered according to your insurance policy.  These are the policies established by your insurance company of which we are bound by law to follow.  

     We ask that you call and notify our office 48 hours before your scheduled time if you need to change your appointment.  This time has been especially reserved for you. 

     However, due to misuse of the “Pastoral Account” appointments we must enforce the following policies.  Your first missed appointment will be a grace or “OOP’s” as for all our patients.  Your second missed appointment without notification will result in you choosing to give up confirmed appointments and when you need dental services we will call you when there is as opening.  The third time will result in forfeiting the “Pastoral Account” benefits and your account will be considered a “Standard Account”.  You will then be responsible to pay for all services rendered at time of service.

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     It has been and continues to be the policy of this office to freely meet needs concerning relief of pain and/or infection for ANYONE in financial distress.  We encourage you to notify us of anyone in such need and have that person tell our Patient Care Coordinator that pastor (your name) from (your church name)  referred them to our practice.

    Your continuing input as to how we can best serve the needs of the Christian community is earnestly solicited.

Pastoral Account:

1.     You will be given the same choices and quality of care and treatment extended to all our patients.

2.  At each appointment you will be given an invoice indicating the value of the dentistry received,  given a 15% discount, and asked if we can file your insurance claim for these services, if appropriate.

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3.     We ask all our patients that if you need to change your appointment to please do so with 48 hour notice before your appointment so we can offer that time to others in need.  Not following this policy results in:


First missed appointment: an “OOP’s” or grace time.


Second missed appointment: no confirmed appointments 
are given.


Third missed appointment: forfeit Pastoral Account 
benefits to be a "Standard Account" and pay in full for all services rendered.

    In Christ Name

                Dan E. Peterson D.D.S.P.C. and staff.

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February 06, 2008

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