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Our Fees   

New Patient-Adult

Total fee for a new patient appointment is between: $130.00 to 170.00.   If you have dental insurance it will usually cover 80% to 100% of this fee.  

     We ask all new patients to pay for this appointment, even if they have dental insurance.  Your dental insurance company will than directly reimburse you.  This means you will personally receive a check for these services from your insurance company.

    We will gladly send your insurance company the needed forms to ensure quick reimbursement to you. This is done to establish a trusting relationship between both of us and to give us adequate time to determine insurance coverage and gather your insurance companies estimates on procedures. 

     After these factors are completed we will only ask you to pay for your co-pay, deductible and any uncovered cost that your insurance company will not pay.  Again, we will gladly file your insurance claim for you at no cost.

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Comprehensive exam is: $ 69.00.This includes diagnosis, tooth charting, periodontal probing, cancer screening, soft tissue charting,  treatment plan and home care supplies. This appointment you will spend 60 to 90 minutes of direct care with the doctor and his team.

Full Mouth Series of X-Rays is: $ 85.00.  This is a total of 18 x-rays.  This is done for our patients who do not have a current set or a panorex x-ray with them from their last dentist.  It is a necessary procedure if you need to have deep cleaning (root planing and scaling) due to the presence of gum disease.   If you do not need a Full Mouth X-Ray Series than you will receive four Bitewings that cost: $40.00 and a Panorex at the cost of: $69.00.

Coronal Polishing is: $55.00 to $92.00 without fluoride. Coronal Polishing with fluoride (which we highly recommend due to the lack of fluoride in our water and the high presence of dental decay in our area) is $67.00-105.00. The type of polishing required is dependent on the amount of calculus and plaque present and your oral health condition.  This service will only be provided if no decay or sub gingival calculus is present.  

This appointment is followed by a no fee consultation with Dr. Peterson and staff.

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You can pay by cash, check, credit card, debit card or money order.

New Patient-Child

     Total fee for a new patient child appointment (ages 1-13) runs between: $ 65.00 to $137.00                   . 

Comprehensive exam is: $41.00.This includes diagnosis, tooth charting, periodontal status recording, cancer screening, soft tissue charting,  treatment plan and home care supplies.

Bitewings: two (if they are four to ten) : $ 25.00; four (if they are twelve or older): $ 40.00.  These x-rays are necessary because they allow us to see in between the teeth, where most cavities tend to begin.  It also allows us to see tooth development in young children and wisdom teeth in older children. 

Occlusal X-rays: are like a Panorex for younger children.  These are used to evaluate growth and positioning of permanent teeth.  Cost: $28.00 which includes two X-rays.

Panorex: $ 69.00.  This is needed for older children.  

Tooth polishing (cleaning) if there is no decay: children under 14: $ 46.00 this includes a fluoride treatment.  Children 14 and older follow the same policy as adults.  All of our cleanings for children include fluoride treatments unless medically contraindicated.  Please see Fluoride for more information.

This appointment is followed by a no fee consultation with Dr. Peterson and staff.

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Emergency Exam

If your first visit to our office is for an emergency we will provide you with a:


Limited, problem focused exam


Necessary x-rays 


Diagnostic testing to determine what the problem is and where it is located. 

The price of this will range between $55.00 to $248.00 and is to be paid at time of service.  

After making the diagnosis, we will discuss the problem with you, provide information about the problem and any necessary instructions and medications.  

Dr. Peterson's diagnosis will determine what will be done.  Depending on this diagnosis you may be brought back to receive necessary treatment and a comprehensive exam after the infection and swelling are reduced. We follow this protocol in order to provide the greatest amount of comfort and safety to you when the necessary procedures are performed.

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February 06, 2008

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