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OralCDx brush biopsy can be done in the convenience of our office.  

5-15% of the general population has an oral lesion.
Oral cancer has a 50% mortality rate because it is not detected early enough!

The OralCDx oral brush biopsy is a reliable non-invasive and simple chair side procedure to determine if an oral lesion is benign or potentially harmful. Pre-cancerous and early stage oral cancerous lesions can be determined. It is essential that these early stage malignancies be checked to improve diagnosis. The painless procedure can be done without local anesthetic.

Cellular mateial is collected from the suspected area. *

     The oral biopsy brush is pressed against the lesion and rotated 5-10x or more depending on the thickness of the lesion.  The cellular material collected on the brush is then transferred onto a glass slide.

    All brush biopsy specimens are sent to OralScan Laboratories for computer image analysis,  assisted identification and display of any abnormal cells.

     Our office is faxed a report with a pathologist's explanatory results within three days after the specimen is received by the lab.  If a positive report is obtained it will be necessary to obtain a histological section to grade the abnormality once it is identified in order to completely characterize the lesion histologically.

When to ask:
     If you see something that doesn't look right or has not been there before, it's time to ask. Maybe it's not just a common canker sore or a sore from biting your tongue or cheek. And maybe it isn't from biting into a hot slice of pizza. If it doesn't go away in a week or so, call your dentist and have it checked quickly. Early detection saves lives.

     Two fees are included. One for the dentist performing the test and a second from the lab for the computer-assisted analysis of the specimen.  Usually, both fees are covered by dental or medical insurance.

Post-Op Care

It is must be remembered that a side effect of aspirin is it can increase bleeding because it inhibits blood clotting!  Any dental treatment that can cause bleeding  can be affected by this medication

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Oral Cancer Self Test

American Cancer Society recommends an yearly cancer related check-up for all people 40 years of age or older; and every 3 years for people between 20-39 years of age. **

There has been an increasing trend in the incidence of tongue cancer in Americans under age 40. A significant number of these young patients with oral cancer have no risk factors and have never smoked or consumed alcohol. Patients with early oral cancers of the tongue often present with a small white spot.


Oral cancer is the sixth most common form of cancer in the U.S., 9 cases were found in our area just last year. If you catch it early the odds of 5-year survival are 76% . Solution: See us every six months for your examination . We do a no-charge oral cancer check at every exam.

Have worry-spots checked with a painless, non-invasive "brush-biopsy" we can do in our office.

Reduce your risk factors: The use of tobacco products is responsible for 80 to 90% of all oral cancers. A pack of cigarettes a day increases your oral cancer risk 4.5 times; six alcoholic drinks a day, 3.3 times; 7 to 9 drinks a day, 15 times. Heavy alcohol use combined with heavy tobacco use can increase the risk up to 100-fold

Click on a spot below to get a better look at what Early Oral Cancer can look like.

Source *OralCDx ~
             New Mentor Group, March 2000

For research results on this products: ADA News Release

~We have no financial investment in this company.

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February 06, 2008

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