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Facts About Oral Cancer
Newly Updated

OralCDx Biopsy

Oral Cancer Disease 

Cancer Care Team and Mouth Problems Oral Cancer News Updates Radiation & Chemotherapy and Your Mouth
Newly Updated

Facts you need to know about oral cancer


Its spreads faster than you think!

Mouth cancer kills one person every five hours!

American Cancer Society recommends an yearly cancer related check-up 
for all people 40 years of age or older; and every 3 years for 
people between 20-39 years of age. 


Treatment for Severe Mouth Ulcers Nutrition Topics Index

Oral Signs of Leukemia

Three Good Reasons To See Your Dentist BEFORE Treatment Updated


Restorative Dentistry Oncology Site


ViziLite Screening Tool

"The most effective preventive measure for oral cancer is
cessation of tobacco use and excessive alcohol use
Dentistry Today  pg 38 June 2004

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