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Good dental health invites you to smile more :-)

Family Gentle Dental Care Personalized Hygiene Fitness Report

Your entire body can be affected by the health of your mouth!  By completing this program  twice] a day you will be able to kill the bacteria that can causes gum disease that has been linked to stroke, hardened arteries, heart disease, memory loss, ulcers, aspiration pneumonia and premature low-birth weight babies. It can also help control bleeding gums, bad breath and cavities.

Step 1: Place a zigzag amount of Breath Rx Tongue Gel on your tongue. Wait a few seconds, then scrape your tongue with the tongue scraper. Follow by rinsing with a capful of [ Breath Rx] for 30 seconds to control reinfection by bacteria.

Step 2: Waterpik* (using the rubber Pik Pocket tips) the entire mouth Breath Rx mouthwash. Fill the Waterpik with 3 ounces of solution and one cup of warm water. Place the rubber tip up on the upper teeth and down on the lower teeth. It takes approximately 40 seconds to empty the Waterpik reservoir so move quickly. This process will decontaminate your mouth of the more than 400 species of bacteria before brushing. Or use Breath Rx mouthwash for 30 seconds and swish vigorously. (This product is more likely to be use if you are not highly motivated to floss; it oxygenates areas where anaerobic bacteria thrive, slowing down their action.;  it may not remove plaque, but by flushing out food particles, it reduces the food supply to the bacteriait is a godsend to the ones with a lack of dexterity.)


Step 3: Floss with [Waxed Floss/ Automatic Flosser / Superfloss / Proxi-Floss] on the sides of each tooth surface in an up-and-down direction. [Wrap / rub] by hand or use an E Z Floss Holder. Have tension in your floss, and friction rub in a "C-shape" the sides of the teeth. It takes approximately 20 seconds to floss the entire mouth

Step 4: A.M.:Brush with a fluoridated toothpaste. P.M.: Alternate with these toothpastes: [Colgate Total / Breath Rx / Toothpaste for Sensitivity / Fluoridex / Crest Anti-Cavity/Crest Mulit-Care/Whitening toothpaste/Crest for Kids/Sensodyne] on the brushead of a [Sonicare Ultrasonic Toothbrush / Oral B Youth Toothbrush].

        Outsides: Brush in an exaggerated circular fashion at a 45 degree angle.  Brush  both the upper and lower outer tooth surfaces and at the gum line to clean and stimulate the gum tissues. Relax your facial muscles to loosen your lips and cheeks.

        Insides: Continue the same process and try to clean very thoroughly at the  gumline.

        Two-minute timer: The Sonicare will beep every 30 seconds. Once it is turned on, continue brushing until all four beeps have sounded and the toothbrush turns itself off. Once a month/ or when you have a cold: Fill a mug with 1/4 cup bleach, a drop of dish soap and water, disinfect your brush head for 30 minutes) .

Step 5: Rinse with a capful of [Breath Rx / Act] for 30 seconds.

Step 6: Clean the spaces in between your teeth with [ Proxibrush / Rubber Tip Stimulator] as you watch TV, drive your car, or sit at your desk.  

*Water jets are wonderful at reducing periodontal pathogens in pockets up to six millimeters and reducing bleeding and inflammation. For perio purposes, the motion of the water pulsing across the opening of the sulcus/pocket creates a suction that virtually sucks out the free-floating bacteria from under the gingival crest. This action dramatically decreases the number of pathogens in the pocket. Instructions -The tip of the water jet should be pointing directly between the teeth from the outside to the inside, apical to the contact - not directly at the pocket - for flushing.

Compliance to this program can bring positive results to help you enjoy a better quality of life and reduce the risk of systemic disease through the transmission of bacteria toxins to other parts of your body.  

 We desire to be an active partner on your journey toward a healthy, beautiful smile.

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