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Attractive meals are important for any age

Serve meals attractively

  1. Serve meals attractively, using a variety of foods with different flavors, colors, shapes, temperatures, textures and smell.
  2. Use a variety of herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of the food (but be moderate in the use of salt)
  3. Serve the meal as if you were in a nice restaurant.
  4. Try a variety of new foods.
  5. Bring in friends and family members as often as possible to improve the social setting of the meal.
  6. Stimulate your appetite with a walk (if possible) before the meal.
  7. Use nutrient-dense foods as the basis of the menu.
  8. If you have a physical handicap that limits normal eating movements, simplify the tasks and eliminate wasted motions. For example, cut the food ahead of time for easy feeding, use utensils with deep sides or handles that can be easily grasped, and purchase special utensils if needed.
  9. If poor dentition limits normal food intake, chop, grind, or blend foods that are hard to chew. Mash or strain cooked vegetables or fruit, shred raw vegetables, remove tough skin or seeds, substitute softer, protein rich foods such as peanut butter, cheese, baked beans, or yogurt for regular meat. Prepare soups, stews, cooked whole-grain cereals, and casseroles.
  10. Shop for 1 week at a time, favoring single-serving type purchases where feasible. Clear unused leftovers out of the refrigerator every other week.
  11. Cooking and storing-Help with cooking batches of several favorite foods. Package portions like TV dinners for later use. For example, a meal tray might include servings of meatloaf, macaroni-and-cheese and green beans.
  12. The freezer-Date packages in large letters with marking pens. Move older packages forward as you add new items.
  13. Using an oven timer-For someone who is getting forgetful but still likes to cook try a portable timer.
  14. Jar and bottle opening help-If hand strength and dexterity are a problem, you can try gripper pads, cap poppers and other useful gadgets (contact your local chapter of Arthritis Foundation)
  15. Equipment check-Make sure the refrigerator (safe at 40 degrees Fahrenheit) and freezer (safe at 0 degrees Fahrenheit) are running properly

Compliments of the Webdietitian

A well balanced diet –one that contains a wide variety of foods –provides all the necessary nutrients. A well balanced diet should include:

bulletat least two servings of milk or dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese, or yogurt
bullettwo servings of protein-rich foods such as lean meat, poultry, fish eggs, beans, nuts, or peanut butter
bulletfour servings of fruits and vegetables, including a citrus fruit or juice and a dark green leafy vegetable
bulletfour servings of breads and cereal products (made with whole grain or enriched flours), rice or pasta.

Vitamin C Needs

The elderly are prone to vitamin C deficiency because of dietary habits.1  They also appear to have a higher requirement for vitamin C, although the evidence is inconsistent.The RDA for those over 70 years of age is the same as for young adults (75 mg for women and 90 mg for men). Oxidative processes have been implicated in aging and it has been proposed antioxidants may have beneficial effects on mental functions in the elderly. The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice Vol. 5, No. 2, Page1-13 6/04

  Nutrition, Depression and The Elderly

National Institute on Aging
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National Aging Information Center
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National Council on Aging
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February 06, 2008

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