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The Pro-Selectł ~is a state-of-the-art scaler plus an irrigation system. 

  Pro-Selectł Periodontal Therapy Systems provide a 3-step approach to the prevention, treatment  and control of periodontal disease by combining ultrasonics, ultrasonics with medicaments and heated subgingival irrigation.


Pro-Selectł combines the most advanced piezo-ultrasonic technology with a heated irrigation system that effectively delivers solutions... in one compact unit. It accomplishes gross scaling to definitive periodontal debridement... for your total comfort. 

Ultrasonic irrigation system at work

This wand has a small scaling tip that produces soft vibrations at a frequency range higher than is audible to the human ear. A spray of water is used with ultrasound to prevent overheating and to flush out the debris and toxins that are dislodged in the gum tissue pocket. When the probe contacts the rock-like calculus, deposits fracture off the tooth fairly efficiently.

Remember dental plaque as a biofilm, just like in your arteries. Once it is there, it is very difficult to remove or disrupt, that is why ultrasonics are critical in their removal.

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February 06, 2008

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