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Periodontal diseases are serious bacterial infections that destroy attachment fibers and supporting bone that hold teeth in the mouth.  Approximately 15 % of adults between 21-50 and 30% of adults over 50 have this disease

Picture courtesy of The American Academy of Periodontology

Recession and bone loss due to gum disease
Gum tissue recession and bone loss due to gum disease. 


Did you know that:
bullet30% of the population is predisposed to periodontal disease (PD)?   .... the same thing your grandparents’ generation called pyorrhea. 
bulletIf you are a smoker, your risk is increased three- to seven-fold. 
bulletIf you have diabetes, your risk is multiplied two to five times.
bulletPeriodontal infection and inflammation during pregnancy may play primary roles in about 50% of pre-term deliveries?  One out of eight babies born in the U.S. in 2002 was a pre-term delivery.  Please consider your recare/checkup appointments an integral part of your baby wellness program.   
bulletFour chronic diseases account for almost 72% of all adult deaths in the U.S.?  The diseases are cardiovascular disease, cancer, COPD (chronic lung disease), and diabetes.  Gum disease is associated with an increased  risk of future cardiovascular disease.  We also know that there is a significant association between tooth loss and carotid artery plaque prevalence. 
bulletDiabetics are more susceptible to infection, tend to have more severe infections, and these infections may lead to insulin resistance and reduced insulin effectiveness.  Diabetics with PD infections have a decreased ability to control their blood glucose levels. 
bulletSmoking is the major preventable risk factor for PD?   53% of severe gum and bone disease at least partially attributable to smoking. 
bulletIndividuals with advanced rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to experience more significant periodontal problems.                 “floss your way to better living”


Clinical studies prove that periodontal disease, when left untreated, can result in increased probing depths, loss of attachment, and loss of teeth. A plaque index greater than 70% and smoking were the most predictive factors....the overall result when periodontal disease is left untreated is destruction of the periodontal support apparatus and tooth loss."

Untreated Periodontal Disease - A follow-up on 30 cases. Randall J. Harris, Journal of Periodontology, May 2003

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