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Good home care of your mouthguard will ensure your investment.

Here are some home care tips on how to care for your sports or mouthguard:

bulletDon't change the fit yourself.  Take it to your dentist for adjustments.  Adjustments are usually covered in the cost of the mouthguard.
bulletBe sure to moisten the mouthguard with cold water before and after each use.
bulletNEVER use hot water on your mouthguard.  It could distort it.
bulletDon't chew on your mouthguard, it will cause it to become misshapen.
bulletBe sure to wear your mouthguard when you at practices and games.

Be sure to wear your mouthguards during practices and games

bulletYou can clean it with a non abrasive toothpaste and soft toothbrush.
bulletDon't bend your mouthguard when storing.
bulletDon't handle or wear someone else's mouthguard.
bulletAvoid high temperature such as leaving it in a hot car, placing it in direct sunlight or microwaving it.
bulletStore your mouthguard in the case that it came in to protect its shape and condition.
bulletPlace some your mouthguard in an antimicrobial mouthwash to keep is fresh when you are not wearing it.
bulletIf your mouthguard develops tears, holes or becomes loose  it is time to see your dentist.  This condition could cause mouth sores to develop and apply uneven pressure to teeth and jaw joints.
bulletBe sure to bring your mouthguard with you to each dental visit to have its fit checked, especially before each playing season.

Custom made mouthguards give you the best protection and fit

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February 06, 2008

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