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The use of "tooth jewelry" can be placed on a tooth without cutting into the natural tooth structure.  Costume "diamonds" or real diamonds can be placed on the tooth surface.  The cut glass of costume diamonds have a flat base and a real diamond needs to be wide and flat NOT tall. 

Materials needed:

Curing light-with eye protection cone.
Light cured Sealant** ( clear non-filled and non-yellowing )
    1. For natural teeth use 20 - 37% Phosphoric acid.
    2. For porcelain use porcelain etch.
    3. For metal use microetch, bur or metal etch.
Cotton rolls
Facial tissue
Hard wax rod for pickup of gem
Knife or clippers for trimming mold

Add a sparkle to your smile
Add a sparkle to your smile!
Your dentist can become your personal

Jeweler of Your Mouth

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1. Brush teeth.
2. Pick which tooth and the location on the tooth that you would like placement of the jewel.
3. Check bite for any interference (cross bite, end to end bite, etc.).
4. Isolate area ( with cotton roll ) to keep it dry from saliva, hands, gloves, powder, oils, etc.
5. ** Etch entire surface of tooth, including incisal edge, for 10 seconds, DO NOT RUB.
6. Rinse and dry, keeping tooth isolated with cotton roll.
7. Reapply the etching for 10 seconds, then blot, DO NOT RUB.  This is for the best bond.

8. Rinse and dry, keeping tooth isolated with cotton roll.
9. Must re-etch if contaminated by saliva, etc.
10. Apply a thin layer of sealant to etched area, and light cure 10-20 seconds.
11. Apply sealant to back of mounted diamond and onto tooth. Place diamond.
12. Before curing, position the diamond in the desired location, positioning for best light reflection and maximum sparkle when the patient is facing directly forward.
13. Light cure for 20 seconds.
14. Add thin layers of sealant around the diamond to make the surface smooth. Light cure for 10

seconds after applying each layer. After filling in around the diamond add at least 3 layers of

sealant over the entire tooth surface and the diamond, curing after each layer.
15. Finish with a final light cure for 30 seconds, then rinse.
16. Keep smiling and show off your tooth gem.

17. There is absolutely no noticeable sensation. One or two days and it feels natural again.

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This finished product will last for about two to four years! It is important, that you the patient, know that this procedure is not permanent.


When the "phase" is over, simply polish off the composite in the exact same way brackets are removed.

Have a diamond in your smile

Glitzy Tooth Jewelry Goes Mainstream?

Glitzy grills, embedded with diamonds and other gemstones, have been embraced as tooth jewelry by hip-hop stars. As the music produced by hip-hop and rappers has gone mainstream, so has the trend of jewelry coated teeth become part of the urban culture they represent. To see some of “iced out teeth with designs and removable gold caps” and other flashy items visit

*Picture courtesy of Tooth Jewelry.
**The surface sealant material recommended is " Fortify " ( non-filled ) by Bisco. 1-800-BIS-DENT.

** On natural teeth use 20 - 37% phosphoric acid.

** On porcelain teeth use porcelain etchent.

** On metal microetch, bur or metal etchent

Non-Invasive Tooth Jewelry

Invasive Tooth Jewelry -not recommended by our office.

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