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Oral health is essential to the general health and well-being of all Americans

     Our soft tissue management program is a structured approach to the diagnosis and treatment of early periodontal disease, re-evaluation and maintenance.

It includes:

  1. Awareness, documentation and co-diagnosis.

  2. Treatment procedures in the general dental practice.

  3. Oral hygiene instructions in use of the Rota-dent plaque removal instrument. 

  4. Guidelines for referral to periodontists.

  5. Maintenance procedures.

The treatment procedures utilized in Soft Tissue Management are non-surgical and consisting of primarily of scaling and root planing, deplaquing and polishing and the use, where indicated, of antimicrobials and antibiotics. 

Soft Tissue Management is the first phase or initial stage of periodontal therapy. Its goal is the elimination of inflammation through removal of local irritants by you, the dental professional and to establish a home care regimen that will assure the daily disruption of plaque.

This program calls for the re-evaluation of our patient's periodontal tissues at the conclusion of this first phase of therapy to determine whether or not surgical or other specialized procedures are indicated.

This program is based on a close working relationship between you and the patient, Dr. Peterson and possibly with a periodontist for our patients ultimate therapeutic good.

Teamwork is vital with this program.  Our whole staff has been trained in this area.  We believe the treatment of periodontal disease to be essential for our patient's to obtain and maintain good dental and physical health.

All our staff and their families have gone through different levels of this program.  

We have provided all our staff with the home care products recommended in this program so they can personally experience good dental home care.  This program has educated our staff on the importance of a hygienist, soft tissue management program and great teamwork to encourage the patient in their own personal home care routine. 

 It has brought us great pleasure to know we are providing our patients and staff with a meaningful and satisfying program that benefits their gum tissue health.  

Please visit Gum Disease Guide to learn more about this program.

We use the Pro-Select ultrasonic scaler for your ergonomic  health. We also have two other ultrasonic scalers for you to choose from. We want you to be comfortable and feel excited and fulfilled with meaningful and professional satisfaction while delivering these services to our patients. 

 We provide you with pre-block time to allow you sufficient time to accommodate these patients.

We want you to work to the fullest of your ability as allowed by Nebraska Hygienist Act.  We desire to support and help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Patients and their needs always will serve as our ultimate guide.

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September 28, 2008

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