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To see Hummingbird in action, visit One handed easy to use flossing!

If you don't floss you leave up to 40% of the surfaces
of your teeth uncleaned and untouched!

Now flossing is easier and less messy.

With a simple push of the button, Hummingbird gently vibrates so it feels amazing and gives you unmistakable benefits from day one.

No matter which attachment you use, the flosser or the soft mint dental pick, your teeth and gums will feel cleaner and fresher.

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Product Features
+ Gentle vibrations massage your gums and cleans plaque between your teeth
+ Choice of two interchangeable attachments that lock into place-
bulletpower ergonomic angles, slinghot-style flosser excellent for accessing the elusive back molars
bulletsoft mint plastic dental pick (both included)
+ Single-use refill attachments that are easy and convenient to use even with one hand
+ Designed to reach between your teeth and below your gum line to remove plaque
+ Hummingbird reaches areas your toothbrush can’t
+ Handy 4-inch tall compact design fits in the palm of your hand
+ Easy and convenient size lets you floss with one hand
+ Portable carrying case allows you to take it anywhere to help you have a clean mouth
+ Powered by one AAA Duracell® battery (included) in handle of product

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How to Use the Flosser

  1. Firmly insert the flosser into the handle until it firmly click in place into the handle of the flosser.

  2. Than press and hold the button for vibration

  3. Slide the floss between your teeth under the gum line using an up and down motion to remove plaque and debris

  4. Pull off flosser and discard when finished

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How to Use Pick

  1. Firmly insert the flexible mint flavored pick firmly into the handle of the flosser

  2. Than press and hold the button for vibration

  3. Slide the pick into the spaces between your teeth and along your gum line

  4. When finished pull off the pick and discard when finished

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Product Features
+ Gentle massaging vibrations make flossing comfortable.
+ Interchangeable attachments include flosser and soft, mint-flavored pick.
+ Palm-sized and portable.
+ Battery-powered, push button system.
+ Non-slip, ergonomic grip for better control.
 Oral B Product Updates
Clinically Proven Benefits
+ Power pick and flosser proven as effective as regular floss at reducing gingivitis.2
1 2003 Consumer Use Test.
2 Cronin M.C., et. al. J Dent Res 2004; 83 (Spec Iss): Abstr. 867

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