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 Bad breath is like any other body odor, it is not a health problem ...
 it is more of a social problem that can greatly affect all relationships  whether  intimate or business.

The benefits of a brite smile and good breath!

Helpful Points:

     Since bacteria is the main cause of bad breath you need to use methods to reduce their numbers.  

bulletVisit your dentist to make sure that tooth decay or periodontal disease are not present.  These conditions will increase the bacteria count in your mouth thus increasing your risk towards bad breath
bulletKeep your mouth as clean as possible to remove the offensive order created by the bacteria

Complete display of our Breath RX products

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bulletConsider the cleaning process as a "full-mouth disinfections" by focusing on all areas where bacteria may reside.  This disinfections involves:

            Brushing-twice a day or more for at least two minutes

            Flossing-once a day

            Mouth rinse- alcohol free

            Tongue scraping- Using a special tongue scraper, that we provide to all our patients as part of their hygiene appointment, scrape your tongue with the scraper.  You can do this by making sure you reach the back part of your tongue, as far back as you can reach, and than with a light pressing action pull the scraper forward over your tongue.  Repeat this procedure until you have scraped the full surface of your tongue until all debris is removed.  Do this twice a day and follow it with a mouthwash, rinse or gel.  For more information on the purpose of tongue cleaning click on the picture of the tongue scraper.

                         Tongue Scraper                                

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bulletRinse vigorously during the day with an ALCOHOL-FREE mouth rinse like BreathRX.  Avoid rinses/mouthwashes that have alcohol and lauryl sulfate ; these can dehydrate your mouth, damage gum tissue and encourage the development of bad breath.
bulletChewing sugar free gum for no longer than five minutes (to reduce your risk of developing TMD) to decrease dry mouth by stimulating saliva production 
bulletAvoid coffee, which is a heavy mouth-dryer
bulletDrink lots of water through out the day to increase saliva flow which help to dissolve sulfur compounds.  This is especially important while exercising heavily, pregnancy, or during menstrual periods
bulletIf you have dry nasal passages or a dry throat try using a saline nasal spray
bulletBreath spray/drops that are sugar free can be used throughout the day
bulletStop smoking or chewing tobacco.
bulletCrown and bridge dental restorations provide more areas for bacteria to reside, so they require through cleaning with interproximal brushes, floss holder and floss threaded

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bulletKeep your partial or full denture clean with regular cleaning after meals and before bedtime.  At night, soak them in solution made to clean them.  Than brush away remaining stubborn bacteria from the dentures .  Remember to brush your gum tissue to keep it healthy.
bulletAvoid eating onions or garlic, whose odors can remain in the bloodstream and are only a temporary problem, and not the cause of bad breath
bulletUs a humidifier during dry weather to prevent drying out the mouth and nasal passages

BreathRx products are designed to help control bad breath

bulletWe recommend BreathRx because it contains Zytex which reduces volatile sulfur compounds and kills the gram negative organisms responsible for their formation.  It is one of the few mouthwashes that is alcohol free.

Bad breath can be a warning of gum disease, dry mouth and unhealthy medical conditions. Cavities and tongues with deep grooves serve as prime reservoirs for bacterial plaque. The bacteria produces volatile sulphur compounds that cause halitosis, a symptom of gum disease that scientists have directly correlated with heart disease. Dentists and periodontists can discover underlying health conditions related to halitosis.


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