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This page may take time to load yet there are many activities to enjoy.

Click here for a bedtime story 

A tooth loss bedtime story.

Tooth Angel                                                   

Mouth Power Mouth Power!

  Click here to learn more about your teeth Healthy Teeth

Whack-A-Molar game
Click here to play 
Whack -A-Molar


Click here for coloring pages and fun activities to do. 

Click on Dudley and he will take you to a page animated dental messages.

Smile and open wide and click here for EggSpeiment

Hellooooo in there!
Visit the dentist with Marty!

Dentists are friendly tooth helpers


Click here to help her find a tooth!*

Click on the Tooth Fairy above to help her find your tooth!

Smile because Jesus Loves YOU!

Smiles Are Forever :-)

Brush your teeth 2xday for 2 minutes and don't forget to floss!

For two minutes!  

Brush twice a day!

Ask us about all the things we do with floss :-)   
Floss once a day!

Make sure you brush all sides of your teeth*

Brushing your teeth regularly gives you a great smile!

Click above to play: Plaque Attack

 Click here to see what smoking does to you.....

NO Smoking -Learn about it!


Clean teeth make happy smiles

Click here for things to make using toothbrushes! Click on the toothbrush picture to find toothbrush crafts.

  Click here to play the dental defense game
Click here to play:
         Dental Defense game.

Click here for more stories! Click here for a cute story about tooth fairies!

Bacteria and acid destroying a  healthy tooth+
Protect your teeth from Mr. Tooth Decay with Sealants!

Fluoride helps protect teeth against acid attack+

Fight against tooth decay with fluoride!

Match a Tooth
Match a Tooth & more!

The truth about the human mouth

It takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 muscles to smile.
That makes it 2.5 times easier to smile

To Tell the Tooth

Download  puzzles, and games.

Click here to visit Smilestone Island!

Visit Smilestone Island...

Brush and floss me

January 11, 2007      

  *                      +Provided by Healthy Teeth Program   *DDS4U

For More Fun with Toothbrush Art

A healthy smile is always in style

      Cavity Free Club and Free Game

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