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Floss for life
     Harvard Medical School researchers studied longevity and found one of the most important contributing factors was daily flossing. Because it removes bacteria from the teeth and gums, flossing helps to prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis. Another study found that men with periodontitis had a whopping 72% greater risk of developing coronary disease. Gingivitis was associated with a 42% increased risk for men. Nov 2002
     Floss or die is about the possible association of gum disease with a series of potentially life-threatening disorders. Scientific evidence now exists that strongly suggests associations between poor periodontal (gum) health and these systemic illnesses:

Floss between every tooth gently

bulletHeart Disease. Oral bacteria may compromise cardiovascular (heart) health by promoting the formation of blood clots and fatty deposits. Periodontitis (infection in the gums) has been implicated as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
bulletDiabetes. Periodontal diseases may make it more difficult for people who have diabetes to control their blood sugar. In addition, diabetics with periodontitis are more likely to have heart attacks than those with healthy gums.
bulletRespiratory Disease. Oral infections, including periodontitis, are associated with increased risk of respiratory infection and endocarditis, especially in those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Birth weight. Women with periodontitis are eight times more likely to give birth to premature low-birthweight babies and have pre-term delivery.

Researchers are sorting out the relationships involved between periodontal disease and other serious health problems. There is one  fact: Periodontal or gum disease is a bacterial infection.

Reducing plaque formation is critical in lowering the risk of periodontal disease-related illnesses that may be fatal. A regular recare schedule and root planing ,when recommended, are essential in the prevention and treatment of gum disease

Most importance, is effective DAILY plaque removal through flossing.

Floss between each tooth

Daily brushing with a manual toothbrush has been shown to have limited effectiveness in the areas between the teeth. The onset of gum disease often begins in the area between the teeth.  So it is importance that these areas be cleansed of plaque on a daily basis.  

Flossing is designed to effectively clean these areas. Unfortunately, fewer that ten percent of the population ever flosses regularly or effectively. This is one of the reasons why we recommend The Flosser by Waterpik

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February 06, 2008

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