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Five Steps To A Better Smile

Preventive dental care is a family affair

Believe it or not, the secrets to a great smile are simple steps that every one of us can take.    

    Here are five steps that will lead you to a brighter and better smile:

  1. Take a little extra time to give your teeth the care they deserve by taking 2-3 minutes to adequately brush ALL your tooth surfaces to remove cavity-causing bacteria. Most people spend less than 30 seconds brushing their teeth
  2. Do a little flossing to remove the bacteria that hides between your teeth and invade you gums to destroy gum tissue and cause bone loss.
  3. It is not just the candy that is dangerous to your smile. Bacteria in your mouth can use any food containing sugar and carbohydrate as fuel for the bacteria to feast on. Sticky foods like peanut butter and raisins provide a constant source of energy for these bacteria. If you canít brush try washing food down with water or chewing sugarless gum.
  4. Stop brushing so hard! Nearly 2 out of 3 people damage their own teeth and gums by brushing too hard causing receding gums, sensitive teeth, notched teeth and root cavities.
  5. Reduce your dependency on coffee, which stains your teeth by destroying your naturally white smile and increase cavity causing acid through the constant source of sugar. It can also cause small fractures in teeth called crazes.

Flossing tip:

Think of flossing as a 401K:  a small investment goes a long way

February 06, 2008

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