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       Have you ever tied on a leader, with a 60 pound test shock tippet between your teeth to pull the knot tighter?

Fisherman come in all sizes!

     Than this information is for you!

     The pressure of biting on even a hair-thin tipper of mono can crack a preexisting fracture line in the tooth, but more often it is pulling at leader clamped between teeth or the snapping of tooth against tooth after the mono is cut that causes the damage.  You need to remember the least expensive tooth repair is $110.00.  A pair of nail clippers costs only . 69 cents.  A crown is $650.00.  What's the cost of a pair of pliers to crimp split shot-$6,50?  This is a no-brainer!

The big caught!

     It is easy to damage teeth when you are far from medical help.  "What should you do when the blood belongs to you?"

  1. Tooth pulled out of alignment-but is still in the socket....  Move it back into proper position.  Melt candle wax and mix it with a few cotton threads from your shirt to strengthen it, then apply it over the damaged tooth and its neighboring tooth to anchor it in position while the wax is still warm
  2. Tooth knocked out, place back in socket or put in milk.
  3. Save hard candy and beef jerky for eating at home.  They are responsible for many cracked teeth.
  4. Be careful when rowing a boat without fixed oarlocks.  The oar blade bumps unexpectedly against a rock on the bottom, the butt of the oar will jump backwards and can pop you in the mouth.
  5. Slow down your retrieve  near the boat when pumping up a resistant, throbbing lure.  It can break through the surface and fly into your face.
  6. Never break your line while facing the place where your terminal tackle is snagged.  Wrap the line around you arm of your hand, then turn around and walk away from the snag to prevent suddenly freed, flying weights from smacking you in the mouth.
  7. Never assume that you have removed all the shot from game birds.  Chew gently and be especially wary with waterfowl.  No tooth can stand up to a round with No. 2 steel or bismuth shot.
  8. Lost filling-try Ambesol, an over the counter ointment that will help deaden the pain and ibuprofen  A cap made of candle wax or sugarless gum to cover exposed nerves that are sensitive to air can help you service the rest of the trip.
  9. Trapped food can be removed wit floss.
  10. Abscess can be drained by inserting the point of a thin knife blade that has been sterilized by fire.  Anesthetize the area with snow or ice from the cooler is helpful.  The drained abscess should be packed with gauze and rinsed with water mixed with salt after meals.  Large abscess can lead to fever and severe swelling of the face and should be treated immediately.
  11. The best way to avoid these complications is to see a dentist BEFORE you leave on a trip. It could save a $10,000.00 bill for a helicopter rescue service.
  12. If you steadfastly remain among the heathen with regard to insisting on using your teeth for purposes they were never intended for.  If you MUST use your teeth as tools, bite with your eyeteeth or canines, which have the thickest covering of enamel.  Never pull with your teeth and clamp only lead split shot,  not the newer and much harder, tin shot!

Children are a blessing from God

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Source: Chew On This: How to Keep Your Grin from Becoming a Grimace, Keith Mc Cafferty, pg 78-83; Field & Stream; October 2002.

February 06, 2008

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