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Electronic toothbrushes prevent overzealous brushing which causes gums to recede

A power toothbrush can give you more results per second!

Most people do not brush their teeth correctly, possibly due to improper brushing technique or not brushing long enough~

The main thing to remember is to brush for a full two minutes twice a day whether it is with and power or manual toothbrush, and don't forget to floss.

   Manual toothbrushes removes an average of only 50% of plaque from smooth tooth surfaces and even LESS from between teeth.  However, studies have proved using a power toothbrush will:


Cause a significant reduction in plaque of adults and children.


Reduce brushing force you need to apply during brushing to reduce gum recession.


Power toothbrushes are superior to manual in reducing gingival inflammation and bleeding.


Reduces stain and calculus better than manual.


People tend to brush longer with a power toothbrush.


67% of children studied preferred a power toothbrush due to the smaller brush head, easier to reach all areas of their mouth and the repetitive movement of the brush.


They automatically confer good brushing technique.


Decreased gingivitis better than manual.


Improve compliance.

Electric toothbrushes are very beneficial in the following areas:


You lack the manual dexterity or have any disability that limits your  ability to brush


You have braces; an electric or implants toothbrush may reach crevices you can't  otherwise clean


Children due to the smaller brush head and easier to reach all areas of their mouth.


You love gadgets and would really brush longer if you had a built-in timer featured on some models


Your are trying to encourage a child to brush and the novelty of a power tool would help


You scrub too vigorously with a regular brush and need a tool that that will help you limit the force you can apply


You have a periodontal disease and your dentist advises using a power tool


Gum recession, using an electronic toothbrush helps control over zealous brushing.


Comparison of Design Features for the Four Powered Brushing Instruments
Toothbrush Bristle/Head Motion Brush Head Design
Rota-dent® Rotating head Round head with interchangeable flat and tapered brush heads
Interplak® Counter-rotating tufts Traditional head with bilevel tufts
Braun Oral-B® Oscillating head Flat, round head
Sonicare® Sonic bristle motion Traditional head;bilevel tufts


The electric toothbrush have evolved into the “power” toothbrush, encompass-ing the high-tech rechargeable models as well as the low cost battery-powered toothbrushes.  Brush head and bristle designs are more advanced, based on oscillating/translating, vibrating, or ultrasonic technology.  Power toothbrushes provide anywhere from 10-49% greater plaque  removal than manual toothbrushes. Evidence suggests that the forces used with the power toothbrushes should be far less than with manual toothbrushes.  Clearly, power toothbrushes are less likely to cause tooth and gumline abrasion and they deliver better stain removal than manual brushes by up to 82%. Now,  power toothbrushes are affordable.  and give you high quality performance.


All sonic toothbrushes should not be used with baking soda and/or peroxide toothpastes.  These toothpaste products should be avoided as they contribute to cracks in the upper portion of the handle.

Sonicare uses sonic waves to clean beyond the bristles! *   

We recommend Sonicare Toothbrushes.  "Sonicare brush was superior to the Braun Oral-B for the reduction of gum inflammation". ~ Please click the picture above to learn how more this produce, use and cost.

February 06, 2008

(courtesy of

**Source: The Journal of Clinical Dentistry, Volume 8, Number 3, 1997
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