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 A denture can improve chewing ability, speech,  provide support for facial muscles, give support to the cheeks and lips to greatly enhance your facial appearance and smile.  

        Complete or full denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and adjacent tissue. They are made when all of your natural teeth are missing.  You can have one on your upper or lower jaw, or both. Complete dentures are either "conventional" or "immediate.

We can provide you with a natural personalized denture!


Conventional denture is placed in the mouth after all of the teeth are removed to allow for proper healing.   There are two types of dentures:

metal framework dentures with acrylic which we recommend due to durability, longetivity and  overall mouth health.


flexible non-metal frameworks.  This type of denture is not made for long term wear due to problems with the surrounding tissues.  This type of denture is a "provisional style" intended to fill a missing space while a graft is healing or an implant is integrating.  However people love them.  They flex into place, so you don't have to do much mouth-prep modification and they are easy to deliver.  However they are not really tooth-supported so the longer you wear them, the more they may accelerate loss of tissue around the teeth.**


Immediate denture is placed as soon as the teeth are removed.  After this procedure the denture will be left in the mouth most of the time, because they act as a "bandage" giving support to the oral tissues. Generally, a 9-12 month healing period can be expected before your gums and bone structure completely heals.

Our dentures are a complete smile makeover with increased function.

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    The denture process normally takes about one month.  Here is what is involved:

Oral examination is essential to good fitting dentures

A realistic and honest evaluation of old dentures must be discussed.
A realistic and honest evaluation of old dentures must be discussed.

  1. First appointment we will get to know what you want in your denture.  We are very comfortable with older adult patients since we have over 30 years of experience meeting their dental needs.  We have matured along with our patients.  Older patients are fun to talk to, and they are easy to communicate with. An initial diagnosis is made.   Impressions of your jaw, along with measurement of how your jaws relate to one another and how much space is between them or bite relationship it taken.  the color or shade of your teeth will also be determined either from your natural teeth or a denture you may already be wearing.  The impression, bit and shade are sent to the dental lab so it can be made just for you.    Choose the type of tooth shape, quality and kind of teeth you desire

  2. The dental lab makes a model of your jaw, places the teeth in a wax base, and carves the wax to the exact form wanted in the finished denture.  Usually a "wax try-in" of the denture will be done so adjustments can be done before the denture are completed. This assure proper color, shape and fit.                                                      

  3. The denture is completed in the lab using the "lost wax" technique.  A mold of the wax-up denture is made, the wax is removed and the remaining space is filed with pink plastic in dough form.  The mold is than heated to harden the plastic.  The denture is polished and ready for the try in appointment

  4. Placement and adjustments to fine tune the fit.

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Lab making a denture.

     Remember that gum tissue is in a constant state of change but dentures do not change.  

So, periodic relining of your denture will be necessary.  Dentures typically need to be relined or remade every 3-5 years.

     It is very important that we see you yearly to evaluate your gum tissue and bone condition to determine their state of health.

At the placement appointment we will provide you with a guarantee that we will  adjust your denture for six months after placement at no charge.  

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Denture News Updates

Elderly Nutrition: It's Not The Dentures, But How They Fit

Although many older people don't get the nutrients they need, the risk of having a poor diet is higher in people who are missing teeth or have ill-fitting dentures, according to a recent study. It shocked researchers to learn that it didn't matter if people had dentures or not it was how the dentures were maintained.

Nutrition is important at all ages, but is especially important in older people, who often have other medical conditions or complications. For example, protein and zinc deficiencies can weaken the body's immune system, and decreased vitamin C intake can increase the risk of periodontal disease and peripheral artery disease.

Having a bottom denture that fits correctly is more important to nutrient intake than having a well-fitting top denture. Tooth loss causes underlying bone loss in the jaw, which can alter the fit of dentures gradually until they no longer fit properly.

"Maintain your health and your teeth and keep them as long as you can."

**"Wound up over Dentures?", Stan Goff, Dental Products Report pg 12-20 7/04

The research appears in the October 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association.

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Visit: The Mouth-Body by American Academy of Periodontology

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