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Welcome to our Dentrix Day!~ 

Our Perfect Day Scheduling 

Appointment Book: This module helps us navigate through our schedule to search for open times, organize appointments and notes, and handle all the tasks we need to perform throughout the day in order to give quick, efficient and timely service. 

The Appointment Book also has useful alerts to inform us if you have a medical alert (such as a need for premedication) or any other appointment notes that help us serve you better.

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Recare Appointments: Once you are entered into our system, you always will have a recall date, so we can keep your records up to date and inform you when your next recall visit needs to be scheduled.

Billing: You and your family's accounts are all easily available for review, updating or printing out statements.   

Insurance benefits ESTIMATES are automatically updated to keep you informed.   Dentrix ™ will accurately calculate your insurance carrier's portion of the fee each time a treatment plan is entered.  

We can quickly check you out and print up a walkout statement, billing statement or family ledger statement as needed.

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Insurance Claims: We can bring up a claim form for all your procedures for the day, or individual procedures. All the pertinent information is automatically included and placed on your insurance claim making it ready to mail.  

We mail your insurance claims to your insurance carrier at no charge as a courtesy to you.  Dentrix™ can also track your insurance ESTIMATED benefits  so you can see what procedures your insurance company covers.

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Treatment Plans: Will list all the work that needs to be done, sort it and prioritize it according to your needs.  If you have insurance it estimates your insurance's and your personal portion.  It allows us to decide together which treatments to do first and when to schedule them in order to maximize your dental health.   

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Charting:  We can accurately record the number and condition of your mouth, gums and teeth. We can record the condition of your gum tissue tooth by tooth.  We can record completed  and uncompleted procedures, treatment plan procedures, and existing conditions.

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Gum Tissue (Perio) Charting:  This chart is a comprehensive clinical tool that allows us to record probing depths, bleeding, tooth movement, plaque, and bone loss

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