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JULY 2008




DENTAL Awareness DAY

Free Service Helps Answer Difficult or Embarrassing Dental Questions


Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) are trying to put dental dilemmas to rest by hosting the SmileLine, a national dental health hotline that consumers can call to talk one-on-one with a dentist.

What is the SmileLine?


 A toll-free dental hotline available to consumers in the United States and Canada for only one day. The SmileLine was created in 1991 to strengthen and increase consumer awareness about dental health issues.


During Dental Awareness Day on Friday, July 9, 2004, consumers will have a chance to get advice from the experts.    Bilingual dentists will be available to answer calls from Spanish-speaking consumers.  Anyone with questions or concerns about oral health can call the SmileLine, toll-free:


  1.800.SMILE.33 (1.800.764.5333) from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. PT.

This is a toll-free service which will help to answer difficult or embarrassing questions about dental and general health issues.-more-

In recent years, researchers have found a connection between gum disease and coronary vascular disease, which can place people at risk for heart attacks and strokes.  In individuals with diabetes, gum disease is associated with poor control of insulin levels.  Pregnant women also need to be careful; gum disease can place pregnant women at risk for having low-birthweight babies.

            By seeking dental care on a more preventive and pro-active basis you will aid their overall health.

Missed the SmileLine on July 9? Visit SmileLine Online

            The AGD’s SmileLine Online section at enables consumers to post dental health questions online and have them answered by an AGD member dentist.  Click on the “Ask a Dental Question” link on the AGD web page. Also, consumers can get names, addresses and phone numbers of up to three general dentists, by calling 1.877.2X.A.YEAR (1.877.292.9327) or by visiting the AGD Web site. 7/06                                 

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Soda Attack

Sugar and acidity can be lethal to teeth!

Sweetened drinks harm the protective enamel around teeth.  Over time, exposing dental enamel to carbonated beverages weakens and permanently destroys enamel.  This new study found that non-colas and canned iced tea were especially harmful.  They contain flavor additives, such as malic, tartaric and other organic acids which are more aggressive at eroding teeth.

Root beer, contains the least amount of flavor additives was found to the the "safest soft drink to safeguard dental enamel". 

In 1977 12-19 year olds consumed 16 oz of soda a day
    1996 12-19 year olds consumed 28 oz a day

In 1970 22.2 gallons of cola per person per year consumed by Americans.
In 1996 44    gallons of cola per person per year consumed by Americans.
In 1999 56    gallons of cola per person per year consumed by Americans.

Soda consumed at meal times is less injurious than when consumed alone and continuous sipping is more harmful than the whole drink taken at one time.  Drinking soda thorough a straw may help reduce the amount of soda that comes into direct contact with your teeth.  Also rinse your mouth out with water after drinking and use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Dentalnotes pg 1 Summer 2004

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Have You Talked to Your Dentist About Sex?

 Among the more dangerous myths floating around these days is that oral sex is a disease-free alternative to intercourse. The fact is, not only can oral-genital contact lead to a sexually transmitted disease (STD) it can, depending on the disease, be harder to spot and more difficult to treat.

     Your dentist may recognize oral symptoms of an STD and instruct you to see a physician for diagnosis.   According to a study 60 percent of surveyed college students do not equate oral-genital contact with sex. And more than 55 percent of teen-agers admitted to engaging in oral sexual acts. Ninety percent of those who contracted the oral component of an STD-such as gonorrhea-may be asymptomatic (meaning they do not show outward signs of being sick). The remaining 10 percent exhibit symptoms such as gum swelling and discharge, and some bleeding. 



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