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    A crown is a "restoration" that covers a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size. 

      A crown provides strength and improves the appearance of the tooth it "covers". It is placed on an individual tooth much like a thimble over your finger.  It is a stationary, custom made cover for any tooth that has sustained significant loss of structure.  

Reasons for crowns:
bulletA crown is needed to protect a tooth that just had a root canal because these teeth tend to become brittle and are more apt to fracture
bulletTo protect a weak tooth from fracturing (see illustration below)
bulletCracked tooth to hold it together and seal the tooth from decay
bulletCover discolored teeth
bulletRestore a weaken tooth
bulletImprove cosmetic appearance
bulletLarge damage by decay
bulletTo support the replacement tooth/teeth in a bridge
bulletWeaken tooth structure due to large fillings
bulletRestores and maintains the natural bite

Teeth that have been treated with root canals but did not have crowns placed on them were lost at a rate six times greater than teeth with crowns**

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Heavy biting forces on a large fillings causes broken teeth
Teeth with large fillings "flex more" forcing the tooth apart
and stress fractures develop.

Reasons to place a crown on a filled tooth*

Problems caused by biting pressures on a filled teeth will result in:

1.  Part of the tooth break off
2.  Go into the nerve
3.  Nerve damage causing pain and infection
4.  The tooth splits in half

The crown is a protective restoration that covers the biting surface of a tooth to prevent the tooth from flexing outward.

The crown is like a cast that protects  a broken bone, but unlike a broken bone, the crack and weakness in the tooth WILL NEVER HEAL!

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      Remember this tooth is injured. and the treatment outcome is not predictable.  The crown is the best choice at avoiding further problems and to make the tooth as strong as possible to try to prevent further tooth damage. There is no guarantee of an ideal outcome.  Depending on the severity of the damage to the tooth there may be post op sensitivity or the tooth may need a root canal.

This procedure usually takes about two appointments.  At the first appointment :

bulletThis procedure begins by giving you a local anesthetic.
bulletThe tooth is prepared for a crown by reducing it's size so the crown can fit over the tooth and fit into the space between the teeth on either side of it. 
bullet Records will be taken to determine color, bite, length and shape of your crown. 
bulletAfter the tooth is prepared we use a thin piece of retraction cord which is placed around your tooth in order to get the impression material under the gum where the crown ends.
bullet An impression of the teeth and gums is made next.  This impression is used to make a stone model of this area. The retraction cord is than removed. 

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bulletThis stone model is sent to a lab where your crown is hand craved in wax and heated metal is placed where the wax was in the "lost wax" technique to make your individual personal crown.    There are many kinds of crowns from stainless steel to fine porcelain to gold.  

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Visit: How to make a restoration

Visit: Types of crowns      Gold Crown

     If the crown is gold a minimum amount of tooth can be shaved off because the gold can be fairly thin. If the crown is white or porcelain more tooth must be shaved to make room.  

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 Detailed porcelain crown Detailed porcelain crown

     All porcelain crowns are made by hand layering powdered porcelains which are baked in an oven to fuse the porcelain together just like used in fine porcelain dishware. 

Crowns are your very own personalized porcelain sculpture. Porcelain fused to gold

     We have keep the prices of our gold and porcelain fused to gold crowns affordable because we want you to choose the best to give you the longest and best wearing value.  

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A temporary crown will than be placed over this area to protect your teeth and the gum tissues between dental visits.  Sometimes, temporary crowns become loose between visits.  If this occurs, please contact us immediately because recementing the temporary crown is very important.

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     On the second appointment: 


The temporary crown will be removed.


Your tooth will be fitted with the permanent crown.  


Once the fit is perfect than it will be cemented into place.  To preserve the longest life of your crown see crown care.

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Natural looking porcelain crowns

* Dentistry Today, March 2001, Dr Korpi and Henrickson
**Crown Improves Endodontic Survival, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Vol 87, Issue 3 March 2002.

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