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We believe in the continuing process of education to improve our skills, services and communication 

     All of our dental assistants continue to take additional training so that they can perform more complex functions. They are referred to as  "expanded duty dental assistants".  

We have monthly training sessions for our staff to learn new dental techniques and procedures and they frequently attend the following continuing education programs.


Office scripting in order to provide consistent dental education.


In office training on the dental needs of patients with asthma.

Our Patient Care Advocate and Treatment Plan Coordinator attended an all day workshop at the University of Nebraska on customer service and communication skills.


Our Patient Care Advocate, Deb, and Treatment Plan Coordinator, Angelique attended a two day training workshop in Denver for Advance Training in the use of Dentrix.  We have now upgraded our dental program to 8.0.  They will  train the rest of the staff about the features of this program with our goal being that of having a "paperless" chart.

Our staff attended an all day workshop on CPR, First Aid and emergency procedures provided by Western Nebraska Community College.

September 2001

The office staff attended the West District Dental Meeting held in Sidney.  They attended a day long workshop on emergency procedures and policies for dental offices.  CPR and other emergency procedures were covered and performed at this workshop.  As a follow-up on this material we have had an office meeting and are updating our emergency equipment.  We are contacting the police, fire department and Valley Ambulance to visit our office so they are familiar with how to effectively reach our patient in an emergency situation.  We are performing mock emergency drills.

Dr. Peterson and our assistants attended the next day's workshop at Sidney on impression techniques.

Jacque attended the Coronal Polishing class presented by Creighton University.  She completed this course and is now certified to perform Coronal Polishing for our patients.  Congratulations Jacque!

Our office manager is taking a college credit accounting class in order to better serve patients and staff.

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August 2001

Updated staff on current regulations related to x-rays and radiation exposure and Nebraska regulations governing these items.  Covered updated regulations on uniforms and the entire staff acquired CPR individualized mask for personal use and protection.

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JULY 2001

Now: One appointment Root Canals!  Dr. Peterson and his staff have been trained in Lightspeed Endodontic equipment. No longer will you have to return for a second appointment for a root canal close.  The whole procedure can be done in just one visit.  This means less time missed from work, school or family. You will only be "numbed" once instead of twice or more.  

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June 2001

Conducted an extensive review of a years worth of articles written and presented in Dental Economics.  Updated staff communication board with latest dental articles.

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MAY 2001

May 17, 18

Our whole staff attended a workshop on Malpractice and the Dental practice in Rapid City.  The staff was very pleased with the current status of our office policies in relationship to providing excellent care for our patients.  We discussed and reviewed our use of informed consents and will be updating our consent forms for Root Canals and Crown and Bridges as directed by our insurance carrier.  Each staff member was provided with an extensive manual to assist them in explaining procedures and policies to patients.

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APRIL 2001

April 27
Dr. Peterson and Christi and Jacque attended a workshop in Denver on root canals (Endodontics). This was a hands on workshop introducing and using new endodontic handpiece equipment.  This new endodontic equipment will be introduced into our practice during the month of May in order to provide our patients with the latest, most effective root canal therapy.

April 23-25 
Angelique went to workshop in Omaha on Electronic Medical Charting Regulations.  We are currently gathering the information presented at this workshop and updating our policies to help guide us as we move from paper to electronic charting.  

 Voluntary Testing-The Nebraska State Department of Dental Regulations send out a four page infection control evaluation to every dental office in Nebraska. These evaluations were to be filled out on a voluntary status.   Each of our staff members filled out the evaluation.  This experience made the staff realize and appreciate what a good job they are doing  at meeting or exceeding these standards of infection control.

We had staff training and retraining on whitening.  We discussed and reworked our whitening program to include a new products DayWhite and Night White which are ADA approved for whitening.  We reviewed and updated our emergency procedures and scheduled our CPR and First Aid classes.  We covered disaster planning.

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During this month we covered our emergency care plan for fire, tornadoes, nature disasters and dental accidents. We planned April's continuing education schedule, monthly team fun days, chocolate day, secret pals, humor days and our summer schedule. 

We discussed our goals for 2001 and listed our values as a team. Our teams top seven values are: family, faith, honesty, loyalty, high work ethics, positiveness and  integrity.  Our goals are to always place the patient first and to communicate

C Christ
O Others
M Motivation
M Mutual
U Unified
N Notify
I Initiation
C concise
A Attitude
T Talk
I Influence
O Organization
N Neighborly

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February 2001

February 21

Phone conference on periodontal disease and it's stages in relationship to patient education and patient care.

February 9

In service training using A.D.A video "Senior Dental Care".  The staff was pre and post tested on their knowledge of this information.  They also viewed Oral Dx Biospy video to learn more about identifying pre-cancerous oral conditions that can lead to oral cancer.

February 2

In service training using A.D.A video "Good Guys Get Sued".  Our Practice Mission Statement was reviewed and S.O.A.P. charting discussed along with improvements in our charting.

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January 2001

January 18,19,20

Our staff attended the Midwinter Dental Conference in Denver Colorado for two days.  They returned excited and alive with new ideas.  We meet for a staff meeting on 1/23/01 and discussed insights gained from their conference.  New personal and professional goals were set for each staff member along with a motto for the year.  We planned monthly in-services to improve our communication within the office and with our patients; to learn new skills, and relearn and update procedures.

January 15-19

Dr. Peterson and his wife attended a week long workshop on Staff Appreciation and the Dental Team in Kauai.  We hope our patient's will personally experience and encounter a more motivated and cared for staff during their visits to our office.  This trip was a gift from Smart Practice.  We thank Smart Practice for this very timely gift!

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January through December

    Staff weekly reads articles from : Nebraska Dental Association Newsletter, Dental Reports, Periodontal, American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Impact, American Dietetic Association, American Dental Assistants Association, Protec Materials, Dental Products and more.

 We travel allot in order to continue to improve our care and quality of service that we provide to you.

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September 14, 2007

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