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Once a month we have a missionary project among our patients. 
We record monthly dental health tips for airing on KCMI.

Serving our community through supporting community activities

December 2003

We donated 50 dental care packets to troops oversees.  These dental care bags included toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, gum, fluoridated mouthrinse, and patient education materials.  

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November 2003

Donated toothbrushes and toothpaste for the Christmas Light project.  This project gives children in China gift boxes for Christmas.

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October 2003

We sponsored the Teeth and Treat Safety Program along with the Gering Police.  Our "Tooth Fairy" dressed up and went to 4 elementary schools in Gering where she spoke to over 400 K-3rd grade students.  She was accompanied by our Tooth Fairy in training (her daughter) at the last school.  This was an interactive presentation that covered safety tips for Halloween and general safety tips for the children to use throughout the year.  Good dental health tips were also covered along with candy safety tips.  Each child received a bag of goodies that included a tooth saver necklace that they can give to their parents so each of them can have a tooth fairy in their own home.:-)  

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September 2003

Contacted Elementary Schools in the Gering area to follow up for the State of Nebraska Dental Program on an exciting program the state has donated to all the elementary schools in the state.  The program is Open Wide-Trek Inside focuses on the science of the oral environment, and major scientific concepts relating to oral health.

Learning Focus
1. What Do Mouths Do? Stories and games teach structures and functions of the mouth.
2. Open Wide! What's Inside? Hands-on activities enrich activity one.
3. Let's Investigate Tooth Decay Investigate the process of tooth decay, using apples as models.
4. What Lives Inside Your Mouth? By play-acting and story reading discover bacteria's role in decay.
5. What Keeps Your Mouth Healthy? Interactive games and a story identify healthy behaviors.
6. What Have You Learned About the Mouth? Reflect on lessons learned.

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August 2003

Provided an informative presentation about Dental Health and the Older Adult to the residents at the West Nebraska Veterans Home.

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July 2003

Donated toothbrushes and toothpaste to Camp Rock to meet the needs of kids who coming crying to their camp counselor "I forgot my toothbrush".  :-)

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June 2003

We were involved with the Gering Art's Festival.  We had a Toothprints booth set up to give parents an opportunity to have their kids security ID done while their children were involved with the kids Art events for the day. 

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May 2003

Donated power toothbrushes and dental care products for KCMI summer reading program.

Supported Fire Safety Booklet for kids that are given to all the children in the Scottsbluff/Gering school area.

Kids Safe ID Day at Monument Mall.  We offered Dental ID Security System- Toothprints to participants at the mall. 

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April 2003

We donated funds for the Gering Merchants Association.

We donated three Breath Rx starter kits to the Gering Adult Reading Program.

Deb and Rita  presented  dental health care for children and covered the need for mouthguards and how smoking and chew affect dental health to Cedar Canyon School and Camp Fire Girls this month.

We donated two Professional Whitestrips kits for the Gering High School After Prom night.

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March 2003

Attended the "Job Fair" at Western Nebraska Community College to offer dental health career information.

Celebrated National Dental Assistants Recognition week through TV, radio and newspaper announcements focused on encouraging the public to consider the dental profession as a career.

E-mailed all the senators in Nebraska about allowing Medicaid to continue to provide for older adults dental coverage and children's orthodontic needs.

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February 2003

Deb and Rita presented dental health education to K-6 grades at Northfield and Geil Elementary School and provided over 710 children with dental care bags containing toothbrush, toothpaste, stickers, dental education games. and a smile fan.

Dental Health posters where provided to all the K-6th grade teachers in the Gering school system by Dr. Peterson.

Dr. Peterson gave the CCS first grade class a tour of his office in celebration of National Dental health month and educated them about good dental health.

First grade class getting ready for field trip to Dr. Peterson's office

We have National Dental Health Month displays at the Gering and Scottsbluff libraries all this month.  There are many free give away items like bookmarks, puppets, smile fan, stickers, coloring pages, puzzles, and charts on various dental health material for children and their families.

National Dental Health Month is being promoted and celebrated throughout our community with public service announcements on radio and TV.

Dr. Peterson provided dental educational materials, that are published in Spanish, to Panhandle Community Services to use in their children's dental health programs.

Dental health education was provided to all the children at Community Christian School from ages Preschool through 8th grade. Over 220 children received dental health care education and oral care bags.  Dr. Peterson presented dental health prevention information to all the grades at CCS.

Deb and Rita gave a presentation on good dental health to the 3rd-5th grade classes at another school in Gering.

Dr. Peterson provided dental health articles for our local newspapers though out the month of February.

Our office donated toothbrushes to the Scottsbluff Library Tiny Tot Reading program where over 100 children learned about good dental health through their reading program.

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January 2003

Our office donated funds to Christian Dental Society to use for dental missions trips to 3rd world countries.

Dr. Peterson continues his project to provide dental services to the needy residents of Beverly Nursing Home.  In a study of 200 nursing homes in Nebraska only about 26% had any form of dental care offered to their residents.

Those over age 85 are the fastest growing group in the population.  Long term care patients have the highest unmet dental needs, 80-96% of these residents have unmet dental needs.*

bulletwomen outnumbered men by 3:1
bullet2/3 rely on Medicaid to pay for their care
bulletmore than 50% of them have some form of dementia or memory impairment
bullet6% are confined to bed
bullet80% take 6 or more medications daily
bulletup to 78% have untreated cavities
bulletmore than 40% have periodontal disease
bulletup to 65% have  lost some or all of their teeth
bulletmore than half of those over age 75 were
bullet80% of those who had lost all teeth had dentures, but 18% did not use them

These residents deserve good dental care to encourage good self image, high quality of life, good nutritional status and to avoid oral pain.

Participating at a local health fair.



* Dentistry for the Long-term Care Patient, Dr. Murray Schwartz, Dentistry Today Jan 2003 pg 52-57.

September 14, 2007

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