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Viroxyn~ is the SINGLE DOSE, one application cold sore medicine. 

      While using this treatment do not use soap, toothpaste, or other cleansers form 24 hours after application of Viroxyn because they will neutralize the medication and may require re-application of Viroxyn.  Instead brush with Baking Soda or plain water for this 24 hour period.  This product  is now available through our dental store.

VIROXYN                                  This medication is now available through our dental store       Quick Purchase  Pain stops, 
                                                                                                       Burning Stops, 
                                                                                                       Healing begins.

The current “standard of care” for treating herpes rely on nucleosides to interrupt the reproductive cycle of the herpes virus. In doing so, they must change the type of DNA being produced in affected cells. Some of these DNA changes are potentially harmful, and some patients experience side effects. Still others do not have good results and still others fret over the long-term consequences of repeated internal exposure to nucleoside drugs. Internal exposure to nucleoside drugs poses theoretical risks of damage to cells that are not involved in the herpes infection.

Viroxyn is a new approach to treating herpes that does not rely on taking medicine internally. Instead of trying to interfere with viral reproduction or coat skin cells with fat, Viroxyn® acts directly to disrupt the lipid coat of the virus. Thus, Viroxyn® is best described as a germicide rather than a classical “anti-viral”. 

Viroxyn Box

How to use Viroxyn:

Viroxyn Application Instructions

Rendurings CleanPrior to treatment, clean the area to be treated of all other preparations: ointments, treatments, lipsticks, etc.

Do not use soap or other cleansers. A dry wipe may be sufficient: you can use water or alcohol, if necessary. Warning: Do not remove the white applicator swab from the ampule inside the applicator may break if removed.  Broken glass can cut you.

Remove the cap from the vial and replace on the other end over the clear plastic tube.

Rendurings BreakHold the vial between thumb and index finger, while applicator end is up.

Pinch the vial in the center at the top of the cap until the inner ampoule of medication breaks.

Rendurings SaturateHold with the white applicator down and allow the medication to saturate the swab. If necessary, pinch the vial gently until a drop of medication just appears.

Rendurings RubbPlace the applicator against the area of the skin to be treated, so that the tip of the applicator is held flat against the skin.
The key is to massage the medication into the sore and the surrounding area by rubbing.

Do not rub so hard that you cause damage to the skin.

For best results, the patient should massage the drug into the sore by rubbing. The rubbing should be firm, but care should be taken to avoid any additional tissue damage. For best results, the rubbing should proceed for about 10 seconds, or, until all the drug has been massaged into the sore. The application may “sting” a bit. This is normal and should subside quickly.

Continue rubbing until all the medication has been used.

For best results, the medication must penetrate the sub-epidermal layers of the skin to the site of the infection. The ingredients facilitate penetration, but the mechanical action is critical. Simply daubing the drug onto the sore is not likely to give best results.

Different people have different needs and may treat at different stages of infection. If treating at prodrome, a more vigorous rubbing is easily tolerated and gives best results. If the lesion has progressed to vesicle or ulcerated lesion, the patient may prefer to rub less vigorously, but for a longer time period.

While the single treatment approach works well for most patients, fear of touching a sore lesion, and thus lack of label compliance, may require a second treatment. Some patients experience a secondary event in which a new viral load presents to the same infection site between 12 and 72 hours following first presentation of symptoms. Secondary events, or additional sore presentations, will require additional treatment with a new vial.

viroxyn works fast on cold sore herpes virus

When finished, recap the vial.

Dispose of immediately.

Do not disassemble.

Keep out of the reach of children

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   Different people have different needs. If applying at the initial tingling stage, rub very vigorously. The more advanced and open the sore is, rub longer but less vigorously. Someone with thicker skin that has been toughened by years of exposure to the weather may require both longer and more vigorous rubbing as opposed to say a young teenager.

    Occasionally a second treatment may be required, but this is a rare event, unless you use soap, toothpaste, or other cleansers that have an anionic reaction, which deactivates the medication. Typically, the lesion will appear to start healing, and then recur a day or so later, because the cleanser deactivated the medication. This will require a second treatment. Lesions may also erupt in different location but still very close to the original spot, so it is important to treat the area around the lesions and not just the lesion itself.

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New Results of Phase II FDA Test:

     A single application of Viroxyn to the cold sore results in healing of 2.5 times more to the Viroxyn group than to the control group within the first three days following application.  Cold sore symptoms are quickly relieved.  The median healing time for the Viroxyn group was approximately two thirds that of the control group reported in studies of acyclovir and penciclovir and approximately one half of untreated natural healing times.  In these studies healing time was shortened by as much as four days.

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      It is suggested that you purchase a package of 3 vials.  The earlier Viroxyn is applied, the faster it works.  With an adequate supply you should have at least one vial with you at all times.  To treat the next one when first detected.

News Updates:

Quadex Pharmaceuticals, LLC of Salt Lake City, has recently completed the clinical portions of the required studies to support an over-the-counter launch of Viroxyn. This single-dose topical treatment has shown remarkable results in relieving the pain and lessening the time it takes to heal the outbreaks caused by the cold sore herpes simplex virus. A pilot study of Viroxyn showed a mean healing time of 3.4 days, a remarkable improvement over the average 10 days it normally takes for an HSV-1 blister to heal.

The same study also suggests that for many sufferers Viroxyn reduces or eliminates the pain associated with herpes-induced lesions in a matter of minutes. The availability of Viroxyn as an over-the-counter cold sore treatment opens the door to ensuring that early treatment can begin without any of the delays associated with obtaining the prescription drugs mentioned earlier.

Viroxyn is a virucide and is applied directly to lesions, it kills the virus and so works faster than other type drugs that have to work their way through the stomach, into the bloodstream and then diffuse to the sore and only interfere with the reproduction of the virus,

Unlike other treatments, which interrupt the genetic code of herpes and eventually cause the virus to stop growing, Viroxyn strips the lipid coating off the virus and kills it on contact in the affected area.

Also these medications can work: acyclovir 200 mg tab a day to prevent recurrent fever blisters.  It works very well

2 grams of Valtrex bid, and add one gram bid for two days per the JADA when roaring case of a herpes infection. IDF 10/04

Anti-virus Vegetable
Could making broccoli one of your daily vegetable servings help combat cold sores? Science says maybe.

Research is in the early stages, but a new study revealed that a compound found in broccoli may inhibit reproduction of the herpes simplex virus. The compound, called indole-3-carbinol, also is found in other cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

RealAge Benefit: Eating a diverse diet that includes 5 servings of vegetables per day can make your RealAge as much as 4 years younger.

Zinc may help cold sores:

     Are cold sores causing you to frown? Zinc just may get you smiling again.

      Zinc, the same mineral that may help you recover from a common cold more quickly, also may help hasten the departure of a bothersome cold sore. Apparently, zinc works its medicinal magic by inhibiting the spread of the herpes simplex virus, which causes cold sores. Topical treatments that contain zinc, such as lip balms, are sold at most pharmacies.

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                      Viroxyn MSDS

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