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Cavities are the single most common 
chronic childhood disease!

AIDS-Children & Dental Health  Nail Biting

Rampant dental cavities affect five times more children
than asthma and seven times more children than hayfever.

Baby Bottle Decay
(Early Childhood Caries)

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Smoking and Your Babies Health Braces Bed Wetting, Ear Infections
and the Mouth
Dental Emergencies Dental Development Eruption Chart
Dental Health 1-6 Dental Health 7-13 Teen Dental Care

Investing in good dental health now ensures healthy smiles in their future


Left untreated, the pain and infection caused by dental decay can lead
to problems in eating, speaking and the ability to learn.

Results of not having your children see a dentist can range from cavities to painful abscesses, even to malnutrition.

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Dental ID System
Thumbsucking Whitening Children's Teeth

Preventive care such as cleanings and fluoride treatment
 provide your child with "smile" insurance. 

Surgeon General's Report states: More than 51 million school hours are lost each year to dental related illnesses!

         We love kids!  Our staff is experienced in relating to children.  We like to see kids with their parents around the age of one to come in for a "fun" visit. 

     We would like them to meet us and feel comfortable coming to see us.  We have a kid corner with movies and toys for kids.  We have disposable toothbrushes in our bathroom if they forget to brush.  There are lots of fun giveaways plus a toy box and a cavity free club.  

     We count their teeth and give them rides in the chair and explain everything we are going to do.  We will cover important preventive issues with you and them and set up good dental habits.  We will do a complete checkup, cleaning and fluoride when your child is ready.  They will receive a dental care bag designed around their dental needs.  

     We have "Peterson's Park" which is a grassy area equipped with kid's picnic table and Little Tykes play equipment for them to enjoy.

  When they are ready we will do:

bulletComprehensive Exam   
bulletNecessary X-Rays

Cleaning with Fluoride       

Surgeon General's Report states: 
More than 50% of children, aged 5-9 will have at least 1 cavity
78% of children will have 1 cavity by the age of 17!

Tooth decay is a bacterial infection!

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a child's smile!

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center.
Picture courtesy of Dentalcare.

February 06, 2008            

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