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Tooth colored or white fillings

  1. Tobacco, red wine, coffee, blueberries and tea may stain composite resin.

  2. Avoid acid such as vinegar, tomatoes or pineapples and alcohol which can damage the resins.

  3. Be careful of what you eat for the first twenty four hours after    placement. Avoid hard, chewy foods 

  4. Use regular Crest, Crest Extra Whitening or Metadent toothpaste, they are safe for composite resin

  5. If you grind your teeth, bruxism, you can damage your dental work.  You may need to consider having a protective appliance made to protect your fillings and teeth.

  6. AVOID chewing on ice, finger nails, hard candy, popcorn kernels or other hard objects may cause chipping or fractures

  7. Do NOT use your teeth as a tool to open things! This excessive pressure will break or chip bonding and composites.

  8. Don't pick at the new material, it may feel "funny" but you will adjust.  If you pick at it, it can shorten the life of the material.  If you have a "rough" spot, call us to smooth it.

  9. Gum, like other sticky foods ,may place stress on fillings and cause them to come out.

  10. Some sensitivity may be experienced at first but should discontinue after a few weeks

  11. When flossing remove the floss horizontally rather than vertically to avoid dislodging composite

  12. Have a professional cleaning done every 3-6 months to remove food and stains.

  13. Alcohol rinses may affect the longevity of a restoration. Alcohol is a solvent of  resin/resin cements/bonding agents. The result is softening of the composite matrix; which may increase our ability to abrade the resin material, making it rougher and more prone to staining and early breakdown. Recommend  switching to alcohol free rinse and mouth spray alternatives. 

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February 27, 2007

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