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Advantages of In-office whitening How is it done?
Disadvantages of this procedure Home care instructions
How does it work?
NEW! In office power bleaching!

     The advantage of in-office whitening is:

bulletIt is performed in office, no take home trays or gel to worry about.
bulletIt only takes one hour instead of weeks to get results.
bulletAvoids wearing uncomfortable at-home bleaching trays.
bulletIt has immediate and rapid results.
bulletIt is safe and effective.  
bulletNo lights are used in this system. Using lights in bleaching are known to increase tooth sensitivity and damage tooth pulp.
bulletA quick touch up system for at home use is recommended in order to maintain longer lasting color change.

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     The disadvantage is:

bulletPossible rebound of color if home care is not followed.
bulletMay take more than one visit to meet expectations or to get "Hollywood White".  This may mean you could need three appointments of one hour's worth of treatment to get the maximum whiteness.  These visits must be scheduled one week apart to ensure protections against sensitivity. 
bulletPossible sensitivity, however we have bleached our office staff and no one experienced any problems with sensitivity. 
bulletRestorative work needs to be done a week or more after this procedure into order to match dental work to a stabilized color.

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How Does It Work?

     During bleaching hydrogen peroxide is placed on the tooth.  The hydrogen peroxide is unstable and reactive and breaks down very rapidly to water and oxygen.  The oxygen searches for something to attach to because it is unstable.  This oxygen enters the enamel where it is attracted to double bonds of stain molecules leaving shorter stain molecules that are more easily soluble and removed from the tooth structure.  The peak of the whitening treatment occurs one to three days AFTER the treatment due to dehydration of the tooth!  There is an end point to the bleaching process beyond which the teeth will not actively change color.  Whitening after this will not hurt the teeth but the color will not noticeably change. 


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Bleaching agent on teeth

How Is It Done?

  1. An exam must be done to  access the condition of your teeth and gums.
  2. A dental polishing is done to remove any plaque or food buildup.
  3. We will show you your present shade  according to our shade guide and count down the shades to show you the approximately where you can anticipate the shade result you will receive.  Your  tooth color will usually whiten 4-6 shades depending on your tooth enamel's ability to respond to the whitening process.
  4. A rubber dam is placed on the upper arch to isolate the teeth and protect the gum tissue.
  5. Xtra Boost, a super charged bleaching agent gel of 38% concentration of hydrogen peroxide is used.  It has a pH of 7.0 for maximum activation that is not likely to irritate your teeth or cause postoperative sensitivity.
  6. To increase your comfort level we provide a fluoride treatment after the procedure.
  7. We will recommend the use of an at home whitening process to maintain the color change.

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Home Care Instructions

     For detailed pre-treatment instructions click here.

  1. How white your teeth get and how long the whiteness lasts relates to the character of your teeth so it can not be accurately predicated.

  2. If you feel some sensitivity during and/or after the process but it only lasts a day or two.  Advil or Tylenol will help stop it.  Here are some tips to help with sensitivity.

  3. Teeth will continue to whiten for 48- 72 hours after treatment. Because of this it is not recommended to have any restorative work done for at least 1 week after the bleaching has been completed.

  4. We will recommend a follow up program at home into order to prevent quick rebound and to enhance long term maintenance.
  5. Dark foods  will stain your teeth try :
    bulletGo easy on coffee, tea, cola, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, 
    blueberries, red wine, cranberry juice, grape juice and tomato sauce.
    Tea is the worse for staining, brush...brush...brush.   If you do eat
     these foods brush teeth right away.
    bulletDo not smoke after treatment.
    bulletDrink liquids through a straw to prevent staining.
    bulletIf you have sensitivity problems avoid high acid foods for 1-3 days 
    after treatment.

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     Opalescence® Xtra Boost 

The whitening material is activated at chairside to provide a fresh product.

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