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"The prevalence of dental disease is 
extensive due in this disorder"*

     Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric illness, formerly known as manic-depressive disorder, that causes spells of elated and depressed mood swings with intervals of normal moods.  


     Their most common complaint is dry mouth and loss of taste.  Those with the highest  amount of decay and gum disease had the longest history of lithium use and the greatest number of hospital admissions for dipolar disorder.  

     People who have Bipolar disorder are at the high risk of developing:

Cause Oral symptoms
Manic Phase Toothbrush/dental floss scratches and cuts on gum tissue

Toothbrush abrasion of teeth

Depressive Phase Disregard of oral care

High decay, missing and filled teeth 

Severe periodontal disease due to neglect, increase in smoking, changed immune response 

Medications Effects Dry mouth causing them to drink large quantities of sugared drinks


Gum disease

Intense craving for foods high in sugar

High Lactobacillus count

Swelling /infections of mouth and tongue

    This disorder may make the individual uncooperative and irritable during dental treatment, appear unappreciative and have numerous complaints that are inconsistent with findings.

     It is important to:

bulletProvide a complete medical/dental history
bulletGive permission for the dentist to consult with psychiatrist about mental status, medication regiment, drug and alcohol abuse history
bulletPreventive dental education is of the highest important  to obtain and follow
bulletArtificial salivary products should be prescribed
bulletScaling and root planing will be needed for gum disease
bulletCavities will need to be controlled
bulletGood anesthesia levels must be obtained before procedures are performed
bulletDental exams and cleaning with fluoride should be done every 3 months 
bulletCosmetic dentistry that could enhance self esteem should be considered
bulletBeware of drug interactions 


Important factors to provide is education, trust and respect.

Aggressive preventive dental education program that includes the use of artificial salivary products, antiseptic mouthwash and daily fluoride mouth rinses.

February 06, 2008

General Dentistry Sep/Oct 2004 and Impact April 2005 pg25-27.

*Bipolar 1 Disorder, Psychopathology, medical management and dental implications; Arthur Friedlander, Ida Friedlander, Stephen Marder; JADA, Vol 133 Sept 2002 pgs 1209-1217


Here are some Web sites for more information about mental illness: 

National Institute of Mental Health 

Rethink (formerly the National Schizophrenia Fellowship), 

National Mental Health Association, 

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, 

Anxiety Disorders Association of America, 

National Mental Health Consumer Self Help Clearinghouse,

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