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Oral Health Changes Asthma and Dental Health News Update
Dental Care Recommendations


Oral Health Changes in Individuals with Asthma:
bulletIncreased rate of caries development due to prolonged use of b2agonists inhalers and medications taken to treat asthma that contain sugar.  
bulletReduced salivary flow due to inhaler use, dry mouth is an
oral symptom associated with albuterol use.
bulletIncreased prevalence of oral tissue changes.
bulletIncreased levels of gingivitis or gum disease.
bulletOrofacial abnormalities that can interfere with dental treatment.
bulletChildren with asthma who have the highest caries rates tended to be those who were young, usually under age 5.+

Preventive dental treatment is a necessity to help prevent these oral health changes.

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Dental Care Recommendations for good dental care for patients with asthma:

  1. Due to an increase in  risk for cavities and gum disease asthmatics should:

     Increased frequency of dental maintenance visits with your 
       dentist to prevent gum disease and cavities


     Fluoride interventions such as fluoride supplements,
        especially if using b2 agonists inhalers


     Adherence to caries-prevention measures by following a 
        good home care routine


     Possible need for  antibiotic premedication


     Use of techniques to reduce stress


     Be sure to update your dentist about any changes in medications,
       date of last asthma attack, latest emergency visit to hospital 
       due to asthmatic complications, and factors that cause an 
       asthmatic reaction. 


    Take your medications pre-op and bring them to the office with you.


    Ask for nitrous oxide to help reduce anxiety.

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  2. The use of nebulized Corticosteriods can result in:

      throat irritation, 


      dryness of mouth


      candidiasis ( only 10 percent to 20 percent of the dose from an
      inhaler actually reaches the lungs; the rest remains between the 
      tonsils and the voice box).  

Due to this decrease in saliva flow from using inhalers the following treatment recommendations should be followed:

Use the spacer to protect your oral health

To space the inhaler about two inches from your mouth, measure the distance with two fingers as shown.

  1. Use a spacer with inhaler medications.

  2. Rinse the  mouth with water after steroid inhalation to minimize the potential for candida growth.

 3.  Often the best time for dental treatment appointments is mid to late morning so to reduce anxiety.

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Dental Treatment Recommendation for the Asthma Patient for the Dental Professional   

Asthma and Dental Health News Update

A Fruit for Lung Health Breathe easier by munching on fruit for your lungs.

Eating a couple of apples per week could reduce the risk of developing asthma and improve overall lung function, new research has revealed. Apples contain a variety of health-promoting phytochemicals, including quercetin, which may be the reason for the lung-boosting benefits.

RealAge Benefit: Getting the right amount of antioxidants through diet or supplements can make your RealAge 6 years younger

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Asthma and tooth decay are the two major causes of school absenteeism in the United States. Children with asthma, have significantly higher rates of: numbers of decayed, missing, and filled teeth (in the primary and permanent teeth). The investigators found that the drug albuterol, which depletes saliva, was used most often to treat the children's asthma. They concluded that children with asthma may need a more aggressive dental caries prevention protocol and a better dental referral system once an asthma diagnosis is made. * * * * * This is a summary of an abstract entitled "Caries Experience in Children with Asthma", by C.F. Salinas, V.L. Opala, and C. Hardin, of the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, presented March 9 Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, during the 30th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research  

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The Dental Patient With Asthma: An Update and Oral Health Considerations
Steinbacher D.M.[1], Glick M.[2] JADA The Journal of the American Dental Association - September 2001
+Asthma medications linked to xerostomia, caries; Medical University of South Carolina; Dr. Carlos Salinas, professor and director of the Division of Craniofacial Genetics and the Craniofacial Anomalies and Cleft Palate Team; March 2001

February 06, 2008

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