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Tooth decay is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever in childhood.*

Children with asthma have more severe tooth decay

The Air and Water at our Office
  Our environment has been changing faster than our ability to adapt to it.  There has been a dramatic increase in allergies, chronic sinus problems, and childhood asthma. 

We have taken some steps to improve the air and water quality in our office. Two of our dental carts have distilled water systems to protect you. All drinking water in the reception area is filtered and distilled water by Culligan.

Our office air is filtered in our reception room. Our carpet is glued down with allergy safe glue and our paint is odor free. We take the subject of air and water quality seriously for your protection.

Did you know that perfumes and other heavy scents can be major allergens and that some of our patients are sensitive to such scents.  We ask that you come to our office scent-free.  We have some light scents from Bath and Body and Avon available in the office if you want to put on some body splash after your visit.

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Allergic reactions may be treated with benadryl and  pepcid.


Our Dental  Records Include Asthma Condition
Many drugs used to treat asthma have effects on the mouth and throat. Andrenergic agonists can cause dry mouth. Corticosteriods can cause dry mouth, make patients susceptible to fungal infections. Cromoly, can increase saliva production, while leaving a bad taste and burning sensation in the mouth.  Also, please remember to be sure you bring your inhalers with you to each appointment in case of an attack.

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Link Between Tooth Decay, Asthma, and Medication Studied

In a study done by Medical University of South Carolina 655 people,  between the ages of 1 and 15, were studied to find the relationship between tooth decay and asthma. 125 of these children were diagnosed with asthma-the researchers found that the number of decayed, missing and filled teeth were significantly higher in the asthmatic children.  It was also discovered that the drug albuterol, which depletes saliva, was used most often to treat their asthma.  Children with asthma may need a more aggressive dental caries prevention methods and better dental care once asthma is diagnosed.
Source: Dentistry Today April 2001 pg 40

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Asthma In Children Is Linked with Dental Cavities  

    A study done in Texas found that children with asthma are at greater risk for developing caries and other oral problems.  The study done on 179 asthmatic and 165 healthy children, ages 2-13 found:


Prior to eruption of permanent teeth, asthmatic children have significantly higher decayed, missing and filled teeth.


Asthmatic children may have more cavities than healthy children and these cavities they do have are more severe.


Kids with asthma have higher caries rates which may be related to taking albuterol which depletes saliva flow which could lead to dry mouth.*


A preventive program to minimize the effect of asthma on children's oral health was highly recommended.

Metal Allergies

Allergies to gold and titanium are quite unusual;  thatís why titanium is used in knee, hip, and tooth implants.   Gold has been safely used in dentistry for many years and its longevity is still unmatched by any other material.

The most common metal allergy is to nickel, especially in women.  Let us know if youíre sensitive to any of metals.  Nickel is commonly used by dentists to support the porcelain in crowns for back teeth.  We use no nickel in our crowns, we only use precious metal, porcelain, and ceramic materials. 

Latex Allergy and Dental Treatment

Information about Food Allergies .

Advice to Consumers about Food Allergies.

Food Allergies Resources

February 06, 2008

*ADA News, March 2001

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